CSCI A348/A548

Lecture Notes 3

Fall 1999

Since the enrollment has only recently settled this will be a review lecture to help you with the first assignment. In the process the most common Unix commands (for us), and introduce cron, crontab and starthttpd. Notice though that there are a few new things.

Review: Basics of Web Communication

A review of Apache install

We have described the basic directory structure and have identified three important elements:

We have described the installation of a web server starting from a precompiled (binary) distribution.

We have identified the conf directory and three configuration files:

We made the following changes to the configuration files: Then we were ready to start the web server.

We described how the server can be started and stopped.

We mentioned that we need to be able to restart the server automatically if we need to be on-line continuously, and we have said we will describe ways to do that using cron.

The process id (pid) of the http daemon is located in a file in the logs directory.

The same directory contains a file where accesses are logged and a file where errors are recorded. We looked at them and described them briefly.

Java and Perl programs

I will write the minimal, shortest programs in Perl and Java, compile and run them for you. I will also use the Perl script as a CGI application.


We will use telnet to request files from the server.

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