CSCI A348/A548

Lecture Notes 29

Fall 1999

Diagram of the web chat application and homework 9 hints.

Here's the diagram of homework 8 with sinks and source:

In this diagram Larry types 'Yo!' which is being then propagated to both clients, already waiting to display what's being said in the chat room. The transfer is done through the source, into the sinks. As soon as the sinks return the results, the client applets display the string and issue a new GET request. Meanwhile, in a separate thread, the applet monitors the text field in which the users can type their messages.

We've covered applet-servlet communication in this last part.

We said there are three options:

  1. HTTP
  2. sockets
  3. RMI
We've exemplified the first and the last.

Sockets are used somewhere much earlier in the lecture notes.

RMI is

RMI also is


HTTP also is

For homework 9 please use the notes you took in class, or lab notes 15, or send me a message or come to office hours.

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