CSCI A348/A548

Lecture Notes 17

Fall 1999

These notes are posted late. In class we reviewed the material for the exam.

The exam is on Thursday in class (7:00pm). It contains 16 problems, all of them open-ended. Some of the problems are similar to those that you have seen in the on-line quizzes. On the exam, however, instead of choosing the right alternative among several distractors, you will just have to provide the correct answer for this kind of questions.

Things you need to review for the exam:

The exam is open-book. Useful resources: Things you will be expected to handle with ease: The total number of points on the exam is 114.

These points are approximately distributed as follows:

There is one question that has two parts. There are 16 questions in all.

If you're required to write a program the program will be checked for overall logic rather for syntax so if a semicolon is missing no points will be deducted. If you're required to say what a program will print you must be very accurate, as accurate as you can.

Partial credit will be given where appropriate.

The exam will be posted as lecture notes 18 on Thursday night with solutions.

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