CSCI A348/A548

Lecture Notes 1

Fall 1999

Initial student feedback, overview of the course, account creation information. Setting up Apache for Unix. Basic directory structure. The cgi-bin directory. The "Hello World!" program in perl and the "Hello World!" program in Java. A preview of things to come.

Introduction and announcements:

Setting up Apache

The following is related to the material that starts on page 68 in your textbook (Stein). You will need to use your own username and port number (once you are being assigned one) to install Apache on the machine that has been assigned to you.

Scripts, Programs, Web Pages

Assignment 1

Your first assignment will be posted shortly. It will ask you to create a burrow account and install apache as described above. Write a simple perl script and install it in your cgi directory. Compile and run Make sure that the index.html file in your document root directory identifies you and your server and add a document on your web site that details the steps you took to install your server, what they mean, and why we take them.

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