CSCI A348/A548

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Fall 1999

Use the instructions below to set up a directory that is password protected and send the password to me. Then make sure you post in this directory the source code for your assignments by the due date.

1. Set up Apache access control based on username and password

Part I: Creating and Maintaining Passwords.


and put it in your directory
where you also have starthttpd.

Use it to add a new username dgerman: call the program with a -c switch on the command line to create the password file and specify the location of this file. Here's an example session that assumes I decided to keep the passwords in a file that is called passwd and that is located in my server's root directory. Then my session could look like this: htpasswd -c /u/dgerman/httpd/passwd dgerman
Adding password for dgerman.
New password:
Re-type new password: ls -l /u/dgerman/httpd/passwd
-rw-r--r--   1 dgerman  students      43 Dec  8 12:59 /u/dgerman/httpd/passwd file /u/dgerman/httpd/passwd
/u/dgerman/httpd/passwd:        ascii text cat /u/dgerman/httpd/passwd
Next time you want to add a new user you don't need to run htpasswd with a -c switch, the switch is used only for the creation of a new password file. This is how you create and maintain password files: with htpasswd and it's up to you where you store them.

Part II: Password Protecting Directories.

Create a directory assignments in your htdocs.

Change your access.conf file to allow access only to username dgerman whose password is kept in the file you created with htpasswd.

 <Directory /u/dgerman/httpd/htdocs/assignments>
     AuthName       Protected 
     AuthType       Basic
     AuthUserFile   /u/dgerman/httpd/passwd
     <Limit GET>
        require user dgerman 
Restart your server.

Send me the password you have set up for this directory (for username dgerman) so that I can check your assignments as you post them.


Make sure the protection on the files you place in this directory are set to read write (and perhaps execute) for the owner only.

If I can get to your files other than through a password protected web directory you may lose points.

Last updated: September 21, 1999 by Adrian German