Mon Oct 8
Here's an update of the last document, with corrections.

Things look promising, at this stage, I believe.

Fri Oct 5
Here's a very informal set of experiments (now outdated) that cover 67% of this project, I think.

I based it on the notes below, plus Chapter 13 in the Nietzsche text (code name for the text for this class).

Tue Oct 2
Here are some answers to the questions I asked myself earlier.

I am starting implementation tomorrow. I found some notes that help with initialization of the database.

Mon Sep 24
I found these notes to be surprisingly useful for my project!

Other notes seem useful too, but I can already post an update based on these, mentioned above.

Sat-Sun Sep 22-23
This week we have installed MySQL and PHP.

It sounds as if this combination is a possible implementation choice for my project.

I need to advance a bit my design, so I can prepare an initial battery of experiments and tests.

Fri Sep 14
Here's a rough outline of what I would like to do for my project.

I am going to post an update as soon as I get a chance.

Tue Sep 4
Apparently the semester project is worth 15% of the grade.

The final is entirely on the project, also worth 15% of the grade.

So the project is 30%, essentially, with the final (closed book) entirely on it.

Thu Aug 30
Class starts, they told us we have to complete a semester project for this class.