Lecture Notes Twenty-Six: Tomcat, Servlets and JSP

As the semester is coming to an end we need to clarify a number of administrative issues, and I will try to summarize them below. Some of these things will determine what we cover in class today.

  1. First off, homework 5 (five) is due today. It has been extended from before the break to be due today. It's really up to you how you implement the portfolio and the calculator. In class we have looked at one way with frames based on the Javascript shopping cart and another way using a cross-platform CSS and DHTML strategy. Use the method that suits you best.

  2. Homework 6 (six using servlets and applets) is due at the end of the week.

  3. There will be no more lab assignments. Turn in Tomcat this week and that's the end of it.

  4. The final will be a take home final. You will receive it in the last lecture when we can also talk about the questions. You then have until the 14th of December (as posted) to turn it in. It will contain three (or more) problems: a servlet problem, a JSP problem, and an XML problem.

  5. These are all going to be lecture topics between now and then.

  6. Here's a JSP introduction, with a bit more material here.

  7. The lab notes and the lecture notes between now and then will simply put together the final exam, by providing the material as well as the problems to be solved.

  8. The project is due when you have it ready. I haven't worked on the default since we first started. I may have other defaults available but I can't (honestly) say when. The key is to keep believing, I guess.

  9. There will be an Amnesty Day for Late Homework and Such (or Catch-up Day). That day this year comes on December 5. At the end of the day you may have a catch-up page posted that contains links to all the assignments of any kind that you want regraded, re-evaluated, or simply evaluated. Anything missing from Postem. Last chance to catch up both ways.

    December 6 is when I will check all Catch-up Pages and crystallize all grades. Everything except the Project and the Final should be in Postem after that.

So the agenda is this:

  1. Turn in Homework Five.
  2. Turn in Homework Six.
  3. Watch for Default Project Notes to be posted soon.
  4. Watch the Lecture and Lab Notes to shape a Final Exam up soon.
  5. Make sure you get all the credit you deserve by observing Catchup Day.

See you in class!

Last updated: Nov 27, 2001 by Adrian German for A348/A548