Lecture Notes Twenty-One: Java Applets and Games

Lab this week installs an applet. Not a simple one. We'll look at two or three in class today also. Meanwhile we now move to Java programming on the web. You need to review Java. Here's a broad overview. Most of you already have comparable experience and exposure.

Here's a set of two most important documents to review:

  1. A Dilbert Lecture One

  2. A Dilbert Lecture Two

And most of the default Java networked games will be placed here in a few days. (Note that this last link is a mock-up site for a class that will be taught in spring for the Department of TeleComm, and will start from the Black Art, building on it with Networking, 3D and Swing).

So this is just a mock-up. Highly relevant for the default projects, though!

More to come soon.

Last updated: Nov 6, 2001 by Adrian German for A348/A548