This is the A348/A548 Fall 2001 Midterm Exam.

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This exam has two parts.

  1. Read the problem below and provide your answer, turn it in within 75 minutes.

  2. Take this exam home and turn in your revised answers by Tuesday (10/23) 5:30pm.

For part 2 turning in means posting the source code in protected, working prototype on your server.

Please note:

Here now is the text of the problem.


Use PHP or Perl/CGI to implement the following game.

Your program starts by choosing a random number between 1 and 100. It then offers the user 10 chances to guess the number. Each time the user enters a number the program replies in one of three ways:

The interface should be an HTML form with one text field and one submit button.



This exam is

Good luck and do well!