CSCI A348/548
What's New?

Fall 2000

Tue Dec 12
THQ5 has been posted, needs to be turned in (posted) before the final.

Wed Nov 29
Lab notes 14 (mySQL) posted.

Wed Nov 15
Lab notes 12 posted.

Tue Nov 14
Lecture notes 23 posted, lecture notes 21 updated.

I posted 16 batches of about 10 multiple-choice Java questions each in QuizSite. You have 10 attempts for each of them, the max score will be kept and reported. They will together represent your next assignment (HWK5). THQ5 (to be posted soon) will build on your answers to THQ4 (which I will start reading and grading tonight).

Thu Nov 9
Lecture notes 22 (posted) contain experiments meant to clarify some of the more intricate (but important) features of the web chat application.

Wed Nov 8
Lab notes 11 (posted) contain simple JSP examples.

Thu Nov 2
Some pointers with the chat application:
  1. code walk from last year.
  2. Java 1.1 documentation (all packages)
  3. Java 2 API (Application Programmer's Interface) documents
  4. The Java tutorial on-line book.
  5. Java 3 API
I'd recommend reading the code walk (1), and referring to the JDK1.1 (2) docs (to which the code walk has pointers inside, in several key places). The tutorial (4) is also an excellent overall resource, and it's also always good to have pointers to the latest docs (3, 5).

Wed Nov 1
Lecture notes 20 (posted) develop the chat application.

Tue Oct 31
Lab notes 10, have been simplified a bit. Lecture notes 19 posted.

Mon Oct 30
Lab notes 10, LAB4, LAB5, and THQ4, are now in final form.

Sun Oct 29
Lab notes 10 (Tomcat installation), LAB4, LAB5, HWK4, midterm grades, and an overview of the next three weeks (server-side Java: servlets and JSP, Java and XML for real-life applications) will be posted today, and a message will be sent to the distribution list.

THQ4, which also is counting as the first project milestone will also be posted. All new documents will be linked here. Past lecture notes need to be updated (will be tonight) and we plan to catch up with all grading, past and present within a week, in anticipation for the projects.

"What's due?" document will be updated accordingly.

Sat Oct 28
Registration for projects closed. List updated. More to come soon.

Wed Oct 25
Lab notes 9 (counting as assignment LAB4) have been posted.

Distribution of rounded raw scores on the midterm exam:

                                           * *         *
                                       *   * *         *   *     
       * *                             *   * *         *   *       * * *
       * *         * *   *   *         *   * * *     * * * *     * * * * 
 * * * * * * *   * * *   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Fri Oct 20
Here's the midterm of last night, with solutions (under development currently).

Sat Oct 14
THQ3, LAB3, and HWK3 posted.

Lecture notes 15 and lab notes 8 posted, provide contents to LAB3.

Fri Oct 13
I have the basic documents created for HWK3, THQ3, and LAB3, details forthcoming.

Wed Oct 11
Sample midterm exam with solutions.

Lab notes Seven (installing Java applets) posted.

HWK3, LAB3, THQ3, and lecture notes 13-14 to follow soon.

Thu Oct 5
Grades updated. Check the demo server for handin procedures.

Wed Oct 4
Lab 6 posted, contains help with LAB2, helps get started on HWK3.

Mon Oct 2
Check the link to where the grades will be posted in the assignments page.

Fri Sep 29
THQ2 posted, asks you to register for a project by next week.

Thu Sep 28
Project proposals and registration system posted.

Tue Sep 26
Project guidelines posted.

Example diagram.

Mon Sep 25
Lecture and lab notes for the week, notes completely updated. Homework assignment 2 and lab assignment 2 posted.

Sun Sep 24
Lecture notes eight posted provide a review. Complete update on notes will follow overnight.

Fri Sep 22
This weekend we are going to catch up with all late notes, and new assignments and we will also post the dates for the exams. Not only that but I will also post the notes for next week and everything you need for the third assignment as well.

Wed Sep 20
Lab notes four posted provide new handin info.

Mon Sep 18
Big picture of class indexed in syllabus page, details and dates to follow.

Thu Sep 14
Lecture notes 6 sketched, contain prototypes for next programming assignment, Perl hints.

Wed Sep 13
Lab notes 3 have been posted.

Tue Sep 12
Lecture notes 5 have been posted (with reading assignments).

Mon Sep 11
I've updated lecture notes 3 (of last Tuesday).

Sat Sep 9
HWK1, THQ1, and LAB1 assignments posted.

Thu Sep 7
First homework assignment sketched. More details coming soon.

Wed Sep 6
Class newsgroup and e-mail distribution list updated and initialized.

Sep 1-4
I am in Tulsa, OK, returning Monday night.

Next week we continue the Perl tutorial, and the installation of Apache. Your homework assignment will be to install Apache and upload a picture of yours to your server. In addition to that you need to create the players directory structure and write a few perl programs that are similar to those presented in the simple perl tutorial.

All of this will be due towards the end of the week, or at the beginning of the week after.

Thu Aug 31
Lecture and lab notes for the first week have been posted.

Wed Aug 30
Please make sure you read the assignment and grading information for this class.

Tue Aug 29
A348/A548 starts with lecture in LH102 at 7pm.

Mon Aug 28
First semester 2000-2001 starts.

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