CSCI A348/548

Fall 2000

A syllabus will be posted here shortly.

It will follow the

MIDTERM EXAM is on October 19, 2000, in class (7-8:15pm).

Here's a quick summary:

  1. Unix: shells and utility programs (tar, gz)
  2. Simple Perl programs: a simple network server. Project.
  3. Putting it all together: installing Apache
  4. Configuration files and directory structure of Apache
  5. ServerRoot, DocumentRoot, basic HTML documents.
  6. HTTP
  7. A special directory: cgi-bin
  8. More Perl. CGI. HTML forms. ReadParse,, object-oriented Perl.
  9. Simple CGI applications. Projects.
  10. Dynamic HTML. JavaScript.
  11. JavaScript project: developing a shopping cart application.
    Midterm Exam
  12. Java. Java applets. Java networking: sockets, RMI, HTTPChatApplet.
  13. Additional server-side platforms: PHP and JSP. Projects.
  14. Comparison of Web Development Solutions. Databases.
  15. Web security. Encryption.
  16. XML: a standard for business to business communication. Project.
  17. A brief history of the web and a collection of possible futures.

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