CSCI A348/548
Project Proposals

Fall 2000

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  1. Videoconferencing Prototype videconferencing system using Java Media Framework. The prototype should implement at least the ability of two users to talk to each other and see each other at the same time. (Part of "We Think!" project). Should work in the STC clusters.

  2. On-Line Chef Bartending site where you could enter what ingredients you have and obtain a list of recipes that you could produce using your current ingredients. Should work for food recipes as well.

  3. Employee Tracker Web site for entering work hours for all hourly employees and support staff. Should include information about pager, pay, and vacation time, and should produce reports by week, month, or year.

  4. Your An extended shopping cart application like that includes more than one type of merchandise, improved interface that can scale up to a large inventory.

  5. On-Line Postcards Postcard site - generates and mails postcards.

  6. Project Registration Site Improved project registration site (this program). Should include the ability for the students to add project ideas, retract them, form groups perhaps add text conferencing where people can meet and discuss about their projects on-line if they can't get together otherwise and need synchronous communication.

  7. Library check-in/check-out tracking and reservation system. (For example, "I am a music school student working in the IU violin shop and playing on a school instrument. The Music school has a reasonable collection of quality stringed instruments that are often inaccessible because they are in poor condition or the students and teachers are unaware of what is available. A web-based database would make the collection's lending and maintenance functions much more efficient. It would include a photograph of and various information about each instrument. It should be searchable by instrument type, maker, year of construction, current loan and condition. Students would be able to browse the collection but would not be able to find out which instruments were on loan or to whom they were loaned. Teachers would be able find out which instruments were available and which students had those that were on loan and luthiers would be able to search for damaged instruments and plan a repair schedule for them.")

  8. Your Own QuizSite A motor vehicle license-test simulator; type in the state you are interested in getting a drivers license from, and you get a listing of questions that are included in the driving-test for that state. You could take the quiz and see how well you score. Should have the ability to update the database of quizzes over the web.

  9. Item Locator An item-locator for people who do not want to run from pillar to post in shopping malls looking for the product of their choice. The program would match attributes provided by the user with existing attributes of different items listed in the database. FOR EXAMPLE - the user goes into the 'Online College Mall', and selects 'ladies shoes'. She is then presented with a list of attributes for ladies shoes and selects 'size 8', 'black patent leather', 'high heels' and 'straps'. she immediately gets a list of all the outlets that carry shoes that meet those criteria; perhaps a further functionality that takes her to the particular shop and provides her with a list of shoe brands and styles that match her criteria and she can choose from. Then she is informed about whether the shoe is in stock or on order; if the latter, she can find out when it will come in and perhaps make her purchase online!

  10. Dynamic Maps A system that provides driving instructions and draws a map for the route like Yahoo! maps. Or a system that shows all the bus routes in Bloomington and helps a user decide what combination of buses is the best for a particular kind of trip in town given the bus schedules and their routes.

  11. Other: If you have a different idea in mind please choose this option and communicate your idea to any one of your instructors. We will update the database with your idea and let you register for that project.

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