CSCI A348/548
Take-Home Quiz Four

Fall 2000

Due date
November 5, 11:59pm.
Late policy
Please have it posted by the due date so that we can look at it and give you feedback.
Please try to post by the due date even if it's unfinished. You can adjust or improve on this document later. (But you should plan to do most of it now).
Work policy
Working in groups is encouraged but please turn in your own version of the assignment.
Post answers to questions below in your protected directory.
Feedback will be provided within a week, grades will be posted on-line.
Graduate standing
The extra question is marked in brown.

These are the questions:

  1. Check the students and projects page. Is your name under the right project? If not, which would be the project that you would like the work on?

  2. Give a detailed description of your project following the guidelines posted earlier. Include diagrams or mock-ups, and anything that would convey your idea better. Try to sell your project to your audience as if they were interested in funding such a project (or hiring you).

  3. List the tools that you would want to use to implement the project and provide a quick plan for the implementation describing user interface elements, client-side or server-side scripts and programs, back-end databases (even if flat files), etc.

  4. Describe an alternate implementation plan for step 3 (one that uses a different technology).

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