Spring Semester 2003

Due date
Monday March 31, 11:59pm
Late policy
Try to turn everything on time, no solutions will be accepted late.

Work policy
Working in groups is encouraged but please turn in your own version of the assignment. Also, please make sure you read, understand, and comply with the Computer Science Department's Statement on Academic Integrity before turning in your assignment.

Write JavaScript versions of your homework 2 and 3 calculator and Lindley portfolio.

The interface must be exactly the same, and all processing should be client-side.

Graduate Standing

Implement the Grade Calculator (from lecture notes) so the final grade appears in plain text, not in a textfield. Make sure that your calculator works in both Netscape and IE.

All of the above amount to 95% if executed perfectly. For 100% you need to display extra creativity or motivation in an operational way: your program must do something that defines you and your thoughts, goals, own work.

Feedback will be provided within a week, grades will be posted on-line.
Good luck and do well!