Spring Semester 2003

Due date
Monday April 28, 11:59pm
Late policy
Try to turn everything on time, no solutions will be accepted late.

Work policy
Working in groups is encouraged but please turn in your own version of the assignment. Also, please make sure you read, understand, and comply with the Computer Science Department's Statement on Academic Integrity before turning in your assignment.

Using Java servlets and JSP implement the same two scripts from Homework Two:

  1. Lindley Portfolio
  2. Simple Calculator

You will need to write four programs. Post your source code nicely in the protected directory.

Make sure that your server is up and running and can be accessed from the students and ports page. On your main page please include conspicuous links to the working assignments, as well as to the protected directory, accessible only by username and password.

Feedback will be provided within a week, grades will be posted on-line.