Spring Semester 2003

Final Exam: The Details

The exam has two parts.

  1. One part is take-home, the other one is in class.
  2. Both are open-book, open notes.

Part One (due Tue May 6 11:59pm).

Somewhere on your web site (conspicuously indexed on the main page) please post 40 exam questions. The questions need not exhibit great scholarship, they only need be very honest. You don't need to provide answers to your questions but see below (hints or answers provided that justify the suitability of the question are going to give you points). It is up to you if you place this file under protected or not. Graduate students need provide 60 exam questions. Here's an excellent example of such a document. Please appreciate the candor. This part is worth (the first) 50 points, and the grade will be based on the following criteria:

Part Two (May 8 in Lindley 102 between 7:15-9:15pm).

This part is in class.

The exam is in Lindley Hall 102 on Thu May 8 7:15-9:15pm.

It's going to be (close to) a multiple-choice exam.

  1. I will select 30-60 questions from what you have posted,
  2. make them multiple-choice,
  3. and give them to you as an exam.

This part is worth the rest of 50 points (to 100).

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