NCSA HTML forms tutorial is here

Review I: HTML Forms

The following tutorial won't be long and it will assume that our examples appear in an html page:

My Document 
<body bgcolor=white> 


</body> </html>

that is, in the body of the HTML document.

Before we start we point out that the

CGI documentation
at NCSA contains a tutorial on
HTML forms.

We start, as we often do, with the empty example (in this case form):

1. The Empty Form

And there's not much to be seen:

2. A Select Button
Vote for <select>  click here!
<option>  Bill Clinton
<option>  Ross Perot
<option>  Larry Bird 
Looks like this:
Vote for
3. A Text Field
<input type="text">  
Alone, by itself, in an HTML form:

Of course these are just for display only.

4. The Submit Button

This is the first time when we realize that the browser is ready for network operations with what our form contains.

5. The Action and Method Attributes

You don't see those but they are crucial for functionality.

6. The Name and Value Attributes

At this point it should be clear that we can have (for all practical purposes) an unlimited number of forms on a page and form elements in a form.