Spring and Fall Semesters 2003

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The Way We Were
Sep 1
Hwk One
Sep 2
Lct One
Class Overview
Sep 3
Lab One
Sep 4
Lab One
Lct Two
Sep 5
Sep 6
... and Pain
Sep 7 Sep 8
Semstr Project
Sep 9
Lct Three
Hwk One Due
Sep 10
Lab Two
Sep 11
Lab Two
Lct Four
Sep 12
Lab One Due
Sep 13
Sep 14
Milestone 1 Due
Sep 15
Hwk Two
Sep 16
Lct Five
Sep 17
Lab Three
Sep 18
Lab Three
Lct Six
Sep 19
Lab Two Due
Sep 20
Sep 21 Sep 22 Sep 23
Lct Seven
Hwk Two Due
Sep 24
Lab Four
Sep 25
Lab Four
Lct Eight
Sep 26
Lab Three Due
Sep 27
Sep 28
Milestone 2 Starts
Sep 29
Hwk Three
Sep 30
Lct Nine
Java Networking
Java Basic I/O
Java Threads
Oct 1
Lab Five
Oct 2
Lab Five
Lct Ten
Oct 3
SQL Notes
Oct 4
Milestone 2 Ends
Oct 5 Oct 6
Hwk Four
Oct 7
Lct Eleven
Hwk Three Due
Oct 8
Lab Six
Oct 9
Lab Six
Lct Twelve
Oct 10 Oct 11
Milestone 2 Due
Oct 12
Milestone 3 Due
Oct 13 Oct 14
Lct Thirteen
Oct 15
Lab Seven
Oct 16
Lab Seven
Lct Fourteen
Oct 17 Oct 18
Oct 19 Oct 20 Oct 21
Lct Fifteen
Oct 22
Lab Eight
Oct 23
Lab Eight
Oct 24 Oct 25
Oct 26 Oct 27 Oct 28
Lct Sixteen
Oct 29
Lab Nine
Oct 30
Lab Nine
Lct Seventeen
Oct 31
Nov 1
Nov 2 Nov 3 Nov 4
Lct Eighteen
Nov 5
Lab Ten
Nov 6
Lab Ten
Lct Nineteen
Nov 7 Nov 8
Nov 9 Nov 10 Nov 11
Lct Twenty
Nov 12
Lab Eleven
Nov 13
Lab Eleven
Lct Twenty-One
Nov 14 Nov 15
Nov 16 Nov 17 Nov 18
Lct Twenty-Two
Nov 19
Lab Twelve
Nov 20
Lab Twelve
Lct Twenty-Three
Nov 21Nov 22
Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 25
Lct Twenty-Four
Nov 26
Nov 27
Nov 28
Nov 29
Nov 30
Dec 1 Dec 2
Lct Twenty-Five
Dec 3
Lab Thirteen
Dec 4
Lab Thirteen
Lct Twenty-Six
Dec 5 Dec 6
Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec 9
Lct Twenty-Seven
Dec 10
Lab Fourteen
Dec 11
Lct Twenty-Eight
Lab Fourteen
Dec 12 Dec 13
Dec 14 Dec 15 Dec 16 Dec 17 Dec 18 Dec 19
Dec 20


A348 is offered in the same rooms and at the same time with A548. The syllabus is the same for A348 (undergraduate) and A548 (graduate) students. There are about 6-7 assignments per semester, two in-class closed-book exams (the midterm and the final) weekly lab assignments that need to be turned in during the lab, and a semester instructor-coordinated group project.

The assignments and the exams have two components: a basic component that is required of all students (this part tests understanding of the concepts presented in class and demonstrated in the lab modules) and a more advanced component that is optional for the undergraduates but is required of the graduate students.

The basic component of an assignment accounts for 100% of the assignment grade of an undergraduate student, and for 67% of that of a graduate student. The advanced component of the assignment usually requires a certain amount of independent study on the part of the student, as it refers to concepts and procedures mentioned but not presented in great detail in lectures or lab modules. This component is optional for the undegraduates, but it accounts for 33% of the assignment grade for the students enrolled in A548. Quizzes and in-class assignments are identical for all students, and team projects (coordinated by the instructor) are all of the same difficulty.

Where teams are composed of both graduate and undergraduate students the graduate students are expected to assume additional responsibilities in terms of team coordination, project implementation and final presentation, and contributions to the project will be graded separately.

Course grades will be determined as follows:

Component Category Weight
Six Assignments HWK 30%
Group Project PRJ 15%
Midterm Exam MID 15%
Final Exam FIN 15%
Lab Assignments (about 12) LAB 20%
Minute Papers (about 28) MIN 5%

The overall cutoff scale is as follows:

0-54 55-59 60-65 66-67 68-69 70-75 76-77 78-79 80-85 86-87 88-89 90-95 96-100
F D- D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A A+

Late policy: all assignments need to be turned in on time. We'll help you accomplish that.

Last updated: Oct 6, 2003 by Adrian German for A348/A548