Fall Semester 2002

The Way We Were: An Unsuccessful Show, by Daniil Kharms
(Petrakov-Gorbunov comes on the stage, wants to say something, but starts sneezing. He doesn't seem to be able to stop. He exits. Enter Pritkyin.)

PRITKYIN: Petrakov-Gorbunov had to... (He starts coughing, can't stop and has to exit.)

(Makarov enters.)

MAKAROV: Egor... (He runs away coughing.)

(Sherpukhov enters.)

SHERPUKHOV: So as not to be... (He starts sneezing, pauses, exits.)

(Kurova comes out.)

KUROVA: I should... (She hiccups. Soon she exits, with a big snort. )

(A little girl comes out.)

LITTLE GIRL: Daddy asked me to tell you that the theater is closing. We all feel sick.


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