Fall Semester 2002

Projects: a list of available projects already appears in the syllabus.

Here's the outline of what will be covered in this class.

  1. Introduction to Unix.
  2. Introduction to Perl and Java. Installing Apache.
  3. Maintaining Apache (very basic). Basic HTML.
  4. Basic Perl and Basic Java. Object-Oriented Perl.
    Studying HTTP by using an own browser and own server written in Java.
  5. Basic Pattern Matching in Perl (Simple Regular Expressions).
  6. Basic CGI (with PERL). Environment variables. Basic HTTP (GET/POST).
  7. CGI Processing with CGI.pm
  8. Relational Databases and MySQL (basic introduction to the topic)
  9. Web database access with CGI, Perl, and DBI.pm
  10. Maintaining state with Perl/CGI and MySQL
  11. Alternative server-side programming: PHP. PHP sessions.
  12. PHP database access on the web. A shopping cart.
  13. Client-side programming: Javascript and DHTML
  14. A Javascript shopping cart
  15. Alternative client-side programming: Java applets.
  16. Basic Java: the class extension mechanism, dynamic method lookup.
  17. Basic Java I/O and basic Java networking (sockets, RMI)
  18. What would it take to write a web browser (or a web server) in Java.
  19. A simple chat aplication with Java RMI.
  20. Installing Tomcat (web server supporting server-side Java)
  21. The basics of Java servlets.
  22. Applet-servlet communication (web chat with HTTP)
  23. MySQL database access from Java (with JDBC)
  24. Java Server Pages
  25. XML and XSLT
  26. Web discussion forum with Java servlets, MySQL, XML and XSLT
  27. XML-RPC. Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. Relationship with RMI.
  28. Encryption and security on the web

Those topics marked in red are areas in which example implementations of semester projects will be presented from the outset (first week of classes). One can choose one such topic and the associated implementation and turn it into the semester project (by knowing it very well at the end of the semester and defending it in person, or taking a written exam on it).

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