Adventures in Computing
Yo, baby!
Yo, baby!
Adventures in Computing
Adventures in Computing
Adventures in Computing
Adventures in Computing
Thu Sep 27
For all remaining due dates/projects please refer to the What's New? page.

Tue Sep 25
Reading assignment for this week: pp. 51-66 from the text (chapter 10).

Thu Sep 13
Please start working on your portfolios (see model here).

We will try to guide your work from this page but deadlines are still flexible.

Mon Sep 10
At the end of this week you should have:

  • Apache installed
  • some simple CGI scripts posted (link to program, also source code)
  • an idea of what it would mean to keep state with CGI/Perl
    (as in silly card game, prs, flag quiz and simple addition quiz programs)

Next week we install MySQL and the week after PHP.

Mon Sep 3
Reading assignment for this week: pp. 20-32 from the text.
Wed Aug 30
Reading assignment for this week: pp. 1-20 from the text.
Mon Aug 27
Nothing is due at this time but here's how this class will proceed. .

There are no midterm or final exams in this class.

There will be ten broad tasks we will be working on together:

  • Installation of Apache and basic Apache maintenance.
  • Basic Unix and HTML.
  • Introduction to Perl and Python.
  • CGI with Perl and Python.
  • Keeping state in CGI using hidden fields.
  • Installation of PHP; relationship of PHP with CGI.
  • Installation of MySQL; basic SQL commands for database setup.
  • PHP sessions. Using sessions to keep state.
  • More SQL commands; database access using PHP, Perl and Python.
  • Implementation of a session-based mechanism for CGI using Perl DBI.

We will work TOGETHER on these tasks. Hopefully everything will be finished in class.

You may have to finish some of this on your own, with instructor's guidance, office hours etc.

Each task is worth 10% of the grade. The grade scale is included below:

0-54 55-65 66-67 68-69 70-75 76-77 78-79 80-85 86-87 88-89 90-95 96-100
F D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A A+

If you come to every class and follow with attention you should be able to get an A easily.

Attendance is then very important. Office hours (10-11:30am daily in LH201D) are also very useful.