Adventures in Computing
Yo, baby!
Yo, baby!
Adventures in Computing
Adventures in Computing
Adventures in Computing
Adventures in Computing
Tue Nov 12
Reading assignment for Tuesday's lecture is here (and next slide).

This is in addition to what the class notes page lists for that date.

Sat-Sun Oct 27-28
Reading assignments for lectures 5 and 6:

Again, if you clear them with me by e-mail you don't need to come to class that week.

Also, you can trade these for that week's current task (we have 7 tasks for 7 weeks in our portfolio).

Fri Oct 26
Reading assignments for the first four lectures (two of them behind us now):

If you can clear these with me by e-mail before the lecture your attendance for that lecture becomes optional.

In addition individual e-mail colloquies will try to determine what advanced topic might be of interest to you.

Tue Oct 23
The homework for this semester is to prepare a portfolio, along the following lines:
  1. Write a program that asks for scores from the user, one per line, ends when the user types stop and reports the max, min and average values for the list of scores entered.
  2. Define classes for objects of the following types: Point, Line, Triangle, Circle, Rectangle. Points are 2D, triangles, circles and rectangles should be shapes with an area that can be calculated (shapes should be able to report their own areas).
  3. Add validation to the test scores problem.
  4. Create a standalone application and an applet that creates 50-100 circles of various colors and with a black border, and places them randomly on the screen. The program should allow the user to select circles with the mouse and move them around by dragging.
  5. Same exercises as the first one, data comes from a flat file, XML file, MySQL database.
  6. Write a simple, multithreaded web server, start it and post your portfolio (homework) above.
  7. Install Tomcat, write a simple Java servlet, convert it to JSP (Java Server Page).
We will offer help on the tasks listed above entirely as needed: i.e., absolutely any type of help requested will be provided promptly. The purpose of this class is to inform, not to exhaust, the student. So expect extensive help, provided you request it (which we thoroughly encourage you to do).

Mon Oct 22
The class has no exams, just some homework.

Attendance is extremely important.

Full details will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday.