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Lab Schedule/Lab Guides
for Fall Semester 2022.


This is version 1.0 of the lab schedule for this term. Things could change depending on how we progress. If we move more slowly or more quickly than I plan, adjustments will be made. There is certainly more than enough material to cover.

The labs are where you will learn about what we discuss in the lecture as well as things we will not discuss in lecture.

Any changes to this schedule will be announced well in advance.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have to have a valid IU NetworkID and be officially enrolled in A216 for Fall 2022 in order to access the resources presented below .


Week of August 22:

Lab 1: Introduction: Finding the course HomePage and making sure you can access the Canvas site. Introductory "Tour" of the special hardware and software in IF0006. (posted 8/25 @ 8:30am)

Week of August 29:

Lab 2: Audio Capture: Capturing audio with a microphone and working with CD audio (not this time) and MP3. (posted 9/1 @ 8:00am)

Week of September 5:

Lab 3: Audio Capture and Shifting from one format to another. (posted 9/13 @ 8:00am)

PDF Version of First PowerPoint Presentation created by Jeff, following the steps presented in Labs 2 and 3. [posted: 9/13/21 @ 8:00am]

Week of September 12:

Lab 4: Image Capture: Working with the Webcams and the Scanner. (posted 9/15 @ 9:00am)

Week of September 19:

Lab 5: Still Image Capture: Using Digital Still Cameras. (posted 9/22 @ 9:00am)