Spring Semester 2007

Tue May 1
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 10:48:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Adrian German <dgerman@cs.indiana.edu>
To: A202 Spr. 2007 Distr. List <dgerman@cs.indiana.edu>
Subject: final exam tomorrow 

Dear A202 Friends,

The exam is tomorrow Wed May 2nd at 10:15am in Lindley 201. Please
make sure you bring your servers up and post your questions and the
projects (along with answers to your questions) by 10pm tonight. If
questions are missing I will make up my own.

The exam is closed book. It's two hours long.

I also need to see your projects in action. I am available most of
the week, but you can also post them on your servers so I can check
them on-line.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Adrian German
Thu Apr 19

Lab Notes for today have been posted.

Tue-Wed Apr 17-18

Metal will be in charge of the lecture on Wed, I have to be in Chicago Wed am.

Thu-Mon Apr 12-16

Dawson's book is available at IU here.

These notes extend a bit the material presented in the Dawson GUI chapter.

Also of some interest:


Mon-Wed Apr 9-11

Code and notes for today's lab posted.

Sat-Sun Apr 7-8

Next week: GUIs, MySQL and the Blender Gamekit revisited.

Thu-Fri Mar 30-Apr 6

Sample animations from the new book:

Also, of great interest to us:


(Blender, Python, MySQL)

Tue-Wed Mar 29

Today in lab: review of Apache, HTML, basic CGI and file I/O with Python.

Tue-Wed Mar 27-28

This is the practical prototype in Perl, developed in class on Wed.

You have to provide a Python implementation of it. Here's mine.

So the goal is to summarize accesses to your Apache web server.

Mon Mar 26

Possible useful reading for the practical exam:

Anything else would be fine, too (entirely your choice).

Sun Mar 25

This coming week we have individual appointments.

Please register at this URL.

Also, as promised, here are materials for the upcoming announced lectures:

Fri-Sat Mar 23-24

Basic outline to the end of the semester:

Homework Six Pygame/livewires program like astrocrash
Homework Seven Install Apache, Basic CGI with Python
Homework Eight Install MySQL, Basic database programming in Python with web front end
Homework Nine Python GUI programming
Homework Ten Blender Gamekit exercise using Python

All of these will be discussed in lab, so they will give you lab credit too.

The Practical will be a take-home involving some research. Topic: file processing, mostly.

The Projects are individual, will be discussed in person.

E-mail messages are being sent this weekend, all details will be discussed in class on Monday.

Thu Mar 22

Lab notes for today wrap-up the information presented below.

Tue-Wed Mar 20-21

A simple Python/CGI tutorial and the Python/CGI API on the official Python web site.

Here's an interesting problem that could on be your practical exam.

Check out here under Jun 10 code that demonstrates file I/O.

Brief intro duction to GUIs (much more to come soon).

Mon Mar 19

Link to A348/A548/A202 and A598 web servers.

Database access from Python.

Minimal database setup for the script above.

Basic CGI scripting in Python.

Steps for installing MySQL on silo.

Steps for installing Apache on silo (to practice CGI programming).

Basic framework for web programming.

Final animation for the forthcoming tutorial (announced before the break).

Mon-Sun Mar 12-18

Spring Break.

Sat-Sun Mar 10-11

I am in Cincinnati this weekend at SIGCSE '07. Wishing you a good break!

(From our next Blender tutorial, "Hello, World!"; read tutorial summary here.)

Fri Mar 9

Grades are being uploaded to Postem (choose A202-2007).

Mon-Thu Mar 5-8

This week in lab we will go over this tutorial (which is perfect).

Tue Feb 27

Focused review for tomorrow's exam.

All solutions to be posted here by then.

Wed-Mon Feb 21-26

Solutions to some of the review material posted, to be summarized here.

Tue Feb 20

Message sent to the distribution list on Monday.

Complete document comprising the midterm review (Word document format).

Fri-Mon Feb 16-19

We start reviewing for the Midterm Exam.

More details to be posted here after Monday's class.

Thu Feb 15

Labs today essentially help with Homework Five.

Lab Six notes to be covered next week.

Wed Feb 14

Campus is closed until noon because of inclement weather (snow advisory).

I will be in my office (LH201D) during the afternoon.

Sat-Tue Feb 10-13

Lab notes for this week have been posted.

Fri Feb 9

Homework Five will ask you to finish your Pong game.

This coming week we continue our study of Pygame and livewires.

The week after we install Apache web servers and discuss Python web programming.

Notes will be posted shortly.

Thu Feb 8

Lab assignment for today: implement the first part of a Pong game.

In a window with the wall background from the pizza panic game:

At this stage the pizza should ignore the chefs, and just bounce off the window's borders.

Wed Feb 7

Running the programs with Pygame and livewires should be done this way:

C:\Documents and Settings\dgerman\Desktop\chapter11>r:\python243\python.exe pizza_panic.py

The line above assumes we're in the folder with the code and pictures already (chapter11 in this case).

Here's the code developed in class on Monday: version one, second version, and the final example.

Sat-Tue Feb 3-6

Stay warm!

Fri Feb 02

Upcoming Career Service Events (slides sent yesterday by Jeremy Podany).

Thu Feb 01

Short document discussing static vs. instance members to be posted here today.

Wed Jan 31

Programs developed in class today: fraction, robot.

Here's the minute paper exercises as brought to class and my code, developed before the lecture.

Tue Jan 30

Lecture notes for next Monday have been posted.

Mon Jan 29

Lecture and lab notes for the week posted, along with Homework Three.

We will talk about Lab Three and Homework Two in class today.

Sat-Sun Jan 27-8

Next week we start Object-Oriented Programming.

Homework Three will be posted Monday after the lecture.

More questions will be coming your way from the A201 text.

Homework Two is due when you finish it. Guidelines will be posted.

Fri Jan 26

Message sent to the class distribution list on Thursday.

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 11:24:42 -0500 (EST)
From: Adrian German <dgerman@cs.indiana.edu>
To: A202/A598 Spr. 2007 Distr. List <dgerman@indiana.edu>
Subject: Lab Three, Homework Two posted 

Dear A202/A598 Friends,

The lab today and the new homework have been posted, along with
an alternative Homework One (for those that considered Homework
One too difficult, too early). Together these three assignments
review the first 10 chapters in the text used in A201 last Fall.

The tentative due dates for these is next week: Tuesday night in
OnCourse for Lab Three and Thursday night (also in OnCourse) for
Homework Two. The alternative Homework One will be collected Fri
next week, in person (please make an appointment with me in LH201D
for that). Next week we start object oriented programming and a new
lab assignment and a new homework assignment will be posted. We want
to have the review completed by the end of next week, so Homework Three
(the one coming next week) will start on new ground/material.

Please let me know if you need help.

The assignments posted are formatted in PDF:


Word documents of these versions (useful to work on) are also available:


You are to turn in these with all your answers included (interspersed
among my questions (which you should not erase, just type in between).

Adrian German
Thu Jan 25

Files for alternative Homework One, Lab Three and Homework Two have been posted.

The code we worked out in class will be indexed soon as Lecture Notes Six.

Meanwhile here are the files: one, two, three.

Wed Jan 24

Recall the A201 text, and try to get familiar a bit with this list of questions.

It will form the basis for the second assignment and the lab assignment this week.

It will also offer an alternative Homework One and a few opportunities for extra points.

Tue Jan 23

Tomorrow is a catch up (and a reality-check) lecture.

Mon Jan 22

Metal's office hours: Tue 10am-12noon, in LH201D.

Sun Jan 21

Lecture notes for Monday have been posted.

Fri-Sat Jan 19-20

Adrian's office hours (LH201D): MW 10-11am, TR noon-1pm or by appointment.

Metal's office hours (time and venue) to be posted soon.

Thu Jan 18

Lab notes for today, homework one posted.

Wed Jan 17

To be used in class today, and always:

Tue Jan 16

List of questions, exercises to be used in class tomorrow.

Mon Jan 15

This week we review: sequences (strings, tuples, lists) and dictionaries.

Also, we discuss methods (and parameters). Additional details, notes to be posted tomorrow.

Sat-Sun Jan 13-14

No class on Monday, Martin Luther King Day.

Fri Jan 12

Homework One to be posted today, is due next week.

Thu Jan 11

Lab notes for today posted, contain first lab assignment.

Help with the lab exercises for today posted here and here.

Wed Jan 10

The list of questions we discussed in class today.

Tue Jan 9

Screenshots of the Blender games demonstrated yesterday in class.

Pygame/livewires games need to be launched from the prompt, I will show in class tomorrow how.

Mon Jan 8

First lecture today in LH102.

Here's how our class appears in the IU Course Browser.

Lectures are M and W, so we look up Final Exam time here (LH102).

Updated by Adrian German for A202/A598