Spring Semester 2007

Lab Notes Thirteen: Wrapping up the homework assignments.
Following the Blender gamekit discussion of Wednesday, today in lab:
  1. go through either one of the tutorials and post your Blender files on your web servers
  2. implement the addition quiz along the lines of the code presented here

Metal's tutorial is on his website, MalCanDo's on the BSoD website.

Make sure your Apache is up, and your practical exam is available as a link.

On your websites you need to post the Python/MySQL code you developed last week.

There's one more thing left, for next week, in two parts:

  1. basic overview of network communication in Python (clients and servers)
  2. wrap up of the Pygame/livewires module
After that remember you need to turn in your projects.

The documents for your projects could be posted on your website.

They should be in question and answer form, you will take a final exam on that.

Updated by Adrian German for A202/A598