Spring Semester 2007

Lecture One: Overview and Basic Review of Python

Let's start with a review of Python for the Absolute Beginner.

This review will be a review of examples.

Chapter One introduces Python.

There are two programs it develops:

Things shown: the print command, getting raw input and basic string syntax.

Chapter Two discusses types, variables and simple I/O.

The programs developed in this chapter:

In class we will discuss these in detail.

Chapter 3 discusses branching and introduces while loops.

Programs developed in chapter 3:

Chapter 4 discusses for loops, strings and tuples.

Programs developed in this chapter:

Chapter 5 discusses lists and dictionaries.

The programs developed in this chapter are:

Chapter 6 discusses functions and develops these programs:

Programs developed in this chapter:

That's where we start, as far as reviewing goes, from the Dawson book. We will start with this, then move to Object-Oriented programming.

We will design a few games that way, for practice.

Next, we will install Apache and design a few games for the web.

In the process we will also briefly look at database access with Python over the web.

We will be paying careful attention to the structure of the programs.

We will also cover GUIs and Python networking and develop some applications using those.

We then introduce livewires and Pygame and develop the following two games.

One of the assignments will then be to implement Python versions for these two games: one, two.

We then briefly survey Alice, and discuss a simple game: here.

After that we introduce Blender and the Blender game kit, along with COLLADA.

We will study: basic modeling, rigging, skinning and animation.

There will be a thorough overview of Blender's embedded Python interpreter.

Finally, we will introduce the Blender gamekit and we will study games and interactive applications like these:

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