CSCI A202 - Introduction to Programming (II)

Midterm Exam Information

Solutions to the exam.

The Midterm Exam is on Thursday March 4, in class.

It will be a combination of multiple-choice and short answer problems.

Please review:

Here are a few more open-ended practice items for the midterm.

Answers to the open-ended prep questions.

Please also practice with the 34 multiple-choice items that have been posted for you in QuizSite. You can practice with them until the midterm exam. The highest score that you obtain on each quiz (in an unlimited number of tries) will be added as a certain amount of bonus points to your assignment grade.

For your reference here's a complete list of all the items posted in QuizSite for your midterm preparation. Note that in QuizSite the activity is defined in two ways, again for your convenience:

a randomly selected group of 5 (five) questions new each time you reload the page or access the activity

all 34 items that have been uploaded so that you can take them all and make sure none has been left unchecked

Please check them out (in QuizSite) in anticipation of the midterm exam.