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Introduction to Programming II

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A202 Introduction to Programming II (4 cr.) NMMC P: A201. Advanced programming techniques: user-defined functions and types, recursion vs. iteration, parameter-passing mechanisms. Classic abstract data types and algorithms. Programming style. Object-oriented programming. May be used in place of C212 to satisfy computer science major requirements.

Instructor: Dan-Adrian GERMAN (, 5-2510 Franklin Hall M005)
Associate Instructor: Anwar MEHDI (, 5-8898 Lindley Hall 301I)

Classes: three lectures and two discussion sections/labs per week.

4256/67  Lecture     German   MTW    3:30P-5:15P     LH102
4257/68  Discussion  Mehdi    MR     5:30P-7:15P     SB221

Assignments: 5-6 homework assignments, 3-4 online quizzes and 3-4 in-labs assignments.
Exams: Two in-class closed book exams.

Communication and feedback: a web course home page, regular e-mail, office hours and individual scheduled appointments will be available to students.

Office Hours: by appointment or as listed.

Offered by the Computer Science Department at Indiana University Bloomington