Assignment 10 - Due Wednesday April 7 23:59 by e-mail

Hashtables, Dictionaries, Property Lists

Write a BreezyGUI application that maintains a dictionary.

The interface should have the following components:

Lab Notes 9 and your text (on pages 168-169) contain information on menus. Implementing a frame with these menu options could be the first step in your development of this program for this assignment. You could pop up a message box that tells the user what option has been selected and perhaps implement the Quit option entirely (just call System.exit(), see API docs for details). After you have this part working you can implement the menu options one by one.

In addition the interface should also have

to be used as detailed below.

Here's what each of the menu options should do:

Loads an existing dictionary from a file called Dictionary on the disk.
If the operation cannot be performed it should pop up a message box and display a message to that effect.

Adds one entry (the word in the text field and the definition in the text area) to the dictionary.

List all the words in the dictionary. You should output only the words, and not their definitions, in a message box, one word per line).

Saves the current dictionary to a file called Dictionary.
Obviously the file is overwritten by this operation.

Updates the text area with the definition of the word that is in the text field.

Deletes from the dictionary the entry corresponding to the word that is in the text field.

Quits the program without saving.

For this assignment you need to check the API for The second class should be of much more help to you.