Assignment 1: 2/35, 14/58 (textbook)

This assignment is due Tuesday January 19 11:15am-12:30pm in class.

Details of the assignment:

2/35: Problem 2, page 35, in your textbook.

Write a program that takes as input a number of kilometers, and displays the corresponding number of nautical miles. You may rely on the following items of information:

Hints: Note that this problem requires that you first come up with a formula for a nautical mile expressed in kilometers. Once you have that formula the program is exactly like the Fahrenheit to Centigrade temperature conversion program discussed in class (page 15 of your text).

To find out the formula you may find the following questions useful:

14/58: Problem 14, page 58, in your textbook.

During the summer before the academic year, the registrar's office must enter new data for incoming freshmen. Design and implement a program that displays a data entry form with the following labeled fields:

When the user selects the "Display" button, the program should display this information on several lines in a message box.

Hints: This is not much different from the vital statistics program on the previous page in the textbook. It makes use of TextFields however, and calls the GBFrame's messageBox method, which will be explained Thursday in class.

If you have any questions please let us know.