CSCI A202 - Introduction to Programming (II)

Grading Information

Course grades will be determined as follows:

Component Weight
Review Exam 5%
Midterm 15%
Practical 15%
Final Exam 20%
Assignments 40%
Quizzes 5%

The final grading scheme will be:

Let me know if you see any problems or if you need more information.

It is true that a person that turns in everything perfectly done can get 106 points because of the lowest grade in homework counts as bonus (instead of being dropped).


1. Attendance at lecture and lab is required.

2. Attendance at all the exams is required. If you have a conflict with either one of the exams you should drop the course. No alternate exam times will be offered.

3. No special assignments or projects will be given to individual students to help raise their grades.

4. All grades become final one week after the material is returned to you. No claims, however justifiable, will be considered after this deadline. If you believe that an exam has been misgraded, submit your argument in writing, along with your exam paper and it will be reconsidered.

5. Please read the Computer Science's Department Statement on Academic Integrity to be sure you understand the rules under which computer science courses operate.

6. No incompletes will be given for poor performance in the course.