CSCI A202 - Introduction to Programming (II)

Exams Information

Here is the final and the final with answers.

The Final Exam is on Thursday May 6 2:45pm-4:45pm in class.

Here's item set 1 (with answers)

Here's item set 2.

Here's item set 3.

Here's item set 4.

Here's item set 5.

The exam will comprise questions like the five item sets posted above plus (for sure) multiple-choice items of the kind we had at midterm. I will concentrate on Java aspects that do not require anything more than knowledge of classes, objects, inheritance, variables, types (primitive and reference). There will not be any need to distribute any documentation during the exam, only the ability to reason about pure Java programs will be a requirement (but please take a look at the item set 5 problem 2; you will need to know a few things by heart.)

Also, please review the various kinds of ways of doing I/O in Java.

The final grading scheme has been posted on the grading page.

Also please review