CSCI A202 - Introduction to Programming (II)


Sun May 9
Posted grades have become final.

The Spring 1999 version of A202 stops here.

On behalf of all the instructors for this course I would like to congratulate you for the results of your hard work and wish you the very best in your future endeavours.

It's been extremely gratifying to work with such a talented group of students, and I would like to thank you very much for that.

Adrian German

Sat May 8
(6:30pm) Here's the final distribution of grades:
  (100, ...)   A+    ( 4) ****
  [ 94, 100]   A     (15) ***************
  [ 88,  94)   A-    (12) ************

  [ 82,  88)   B+    (10) **********
  [ 76,  82)   B     ( 5) *****
  [ 70,  76)   B-    ( 4) ****

  [ 64,  70)   C+    ( 0) 
  [ 58,  64)   C     ( 3) *** 

(3:00pm) There was a small error in the formula for the final grade, which I think I fixed now. I have reposted the grades. I will turn the grades in tomorrow so if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I will also post the distribution of grades here tonight.

Fri May 7
Final grades posted (in section A202-1244). Please let me know if you have any questions. I will turn the grades in to the Registrar's on Sunday, tomorrow I will not be in Bloomington until in the evening.

In Postem, section A202-9999 contains your raw scores for the final, question by question (the total was 100).

Grading is slow but steady. Meanwhile don't forget you can get one more point by turning in an evaluation. Here they are: the links for the lecture, Kasey's lab, Sean's lab and the Friday morning lab evaluation forms. Evaluations end today at noon so turn them in right away.

Thu May 6
Final exam is today in BH006 at 2:45pm. The exam will be posted here around 5:30pm with answers. Final grades will be available Friday morning. Feel free to come and talk to me about the exam on Friday in my office in Franklin (before noon or by appointment). I plan to turn the final grades to the Registrar's on Saturday morning.

Wed May 5
A few grades will be updated today. I won't be able to post solutions to the sample problems but feel free to call us or make appointments with us to discuss your solutions.

Tue May 4
New item sets for your practice being posted.

Mon May 3
Please make sure you check the grading scheme page.

Sun May 2
Additional item sets for the final are being posted.

Sat May 1
Final grades for the practical exam posted.

Fri Apr 30
Ahead of the final 45 short answer items posted for your practice. More to come soon.

Thu Apr 29
Lecture notes 29 posted, you can use them as lab notes as well.

Grades posted for the practical and homework12.

Please note: these grades are somewhat tentative and may (or may not) change in the next few days. Please come Tuesday during my office hour if you want to discuss the grades (any of them or just the practical and hw12 grades).

Wed Apr 28
Grades updated to homework 11. Practical grades and homework 12 are next.

Tue Apr 27
Please complete the CSCI final evaluation forms for this course for the lecture and the three lab instructors (Sean, Kasey and Adrian) and the textbook evaluation (in QuizSite).

Mon Apr 26
Final examination is on Thu May 6 2:45pm-4:45pm in class (BH006).

Sat Apr 24
I hope to post grades updates & corrections by Thursday.

Wed Apr 21
Practical exam is tomorrow and Friday. Brief hints for assignment 12 have been posted. Demos for possible topics during the practical have been posted. Tomorrow in lecture we would like to answer any questions that you may have regarding the assignment and the practical exam.

Tue Apr 20
I will have extended office hours tonight (5:30-6:30 and 9:00-10:00 in Lindley Hall L016).

Mon Apr 19
Lecture notes 26 posted.

Sat Apr 17
Solution to assignment 11 posted. It's an approach different from the one used in jumpstart.

Thu Apr 15
Lecture Notes 25 posted, also serving as lab notes 12, aimed at AWT and assignment #12.

Wed Apr 14
I am in Indianapolis all day, returning in the evening. Assignment 11 is now due Friday evening (midnight) and jumpstart source code for it (that has been discussed on Tuesday in class) has been posted, together with some information on the upcoming practical exam.

Tue Apr 13
Today in class we'll start by reviewing what needs to be done for assignment 11, and we'll give you some hints and support. I will also describe assignment 12 briefly. Then we will move slowly slowly into the AWT.

Mon Apr 12
Assignment 12 posted.

Sun Apr 11
Supporting code for Lecture 24 posted.

Sat Apr 10
Grades updated to assignment 10. Let us know you have any questions or concerns.

Thu Apr 8
Solution to assignment 10 posted.

Tue Apr 6
Lecture notes 22 and 23 posted, also help for assignment 10.

Mon Apr 5
Posted assignment 11 (due April 14) and plan for the week.

Fri Apr 2
Solution to homework 9 posted.

Thu Apr 1
Homework 10 has been posted. Lecture Notes 21 also posted.

Wed Mar 31
Lab 10, solution to homework 8 posted.

Tue Mar 30
Code for the "serializable worm" program discussed in class posted.

Mon Mar 29
I'm in Chicago all day, unable to reply to e-mail until the 30th.

Sun Mar 28
Lecture Notes 20 posted.

Sat Mar 27
Lecture Notes 19 posted.

Wed Mar 24
Lab 9 notes posted.

Tue Mar 23
Assignment 9 posted.

Sat Mar 20
Lecture notes, plan for next week posted.

Thu Mar 11
In labs today make sure you finish homework 8 due tomorrow night. If you have done this you can implement and test a few sorting methods as described in the text (case study 11.1) by using java.util's Date objects. Lecture today is on sorting methods.

Tue Mar 9
Lecture notes updated to reflect what we did in class today and what we moved to Thursday class. Exams have been returned to you check your scores for each problem in Postem (section 1245) and your answers against the answers posted here.

Mon Mar 8
Grades for each one of the items on the midterm exam posted. Your regular grades are in section 1244, go into section 1245 to see the scores for the items on the exam, item by item. You will receive the exams back in class or in lab.

Sun Mar 7
Grades for the midterm exam posted. (They include QuizSite credit for midterm prep activity). Approximate midterm letter grades coming soon. Plan for the week posted.

Sat Mar 6
Updated assignment 8 notes with some help.

Thu Mar 4
Homework 8 posted. Lab notes 8 posted. Solutions to the midterm exam posted.

Wed Mar 3
My office hour of Friday will be moved tonight this week. The midterm is tomorrow. Solutions to the open-ended prep questions for the exam have been posted

Tue Mar 2
Updated list of solutions to assignments to include solutions for assignment 5. Grades updated with the grades for assignment 5.

Mon Mar 1
Assignment 7 deadline extended. Additional help posted for problem 7.1.

Sun Feb 28
Open-ended problems posted for your practice ahead of midterm. Typos fixed in list of multiple choice items - thanks to Stela Adam for catching most of them. Here's help in getting started with Vectors.

Sat Feb 27
Midterm practice exercises and information posted.

Fri Feb 26
Thanks to Teddy Hermanto for pointing out an ambiguous formulation in the second recurrence of problem 3 in assignment 7. The problem has been fixed and the correct statement appears in blue. Check it out.

Thu Feb 25
Lab Notes 7 posted. Feedback question posted.

Wed Feb 24
Lecture Notes 14 sketched. Assignment 7 posted.

Tue Feb 23
Lecture Notes 13 posted.

Mon Feb 22
Reading assignment for tomorrow posted.

Sun Feb 21
Solutions to homework 5 posted. Plan for the week sketched.

Fri Feb 19
Grades have been updated (including homework 4).

Thu Feb 18
Lab notes for Lab 6 posted.

Wed Feb 17
Lecture Notes 12 posted.

Tue Feb 16
Assignment 6 posted.

Mon Feb 15
Lecture notes 11 posted and proofread.

Sun Feb 14
Updated the syllabus page with the plan for next week and with a quick look ahead.

Fri Feb 12
Use Project -> Settings: Main Class to specify which class's main method should be run, in Cafe, when you want to test the chain of mains example of Thursday's lecture with all classes in one file. (Original question by Matt Martin). See lecture notes for more details.

Thu Feb 11
Updated lecture notes 10 with the code for Fraction and the chain of mains (which has been simplified using the clever observation made in the lecture today by Peter Morris).

Wed Feb 10
Plan for lecture 10 and plan for lab 5 posted.

Tue Feb 09
Assignment 5 posted.

Mon Feb 08
Lecture notes for Tuesday have been posted. They're long and verbose and chances are we'll use some of this material on Thursday as well.

Sat Feb 06
A202 ac.csci.a202 newsgroup created. We will use this to post informal FAQs about assignments and anything related to the course. We'll keep the distribution list only for urgent messages.

Thu Feb 04
The API User Guide link on the packages index page now points to the 1.1 docs on Sun's website as originally intended.

Wed Feb 03
Feedback question for the week posted.

Lecture notes for tomorrow have been posted. You can print them and bring them with you to class. (You should find them quite useful for your labs too). Also, the most important part of the code that was discussed yesterday has been posted too.

Tue Feb 02
It's official (public and final): BH006 will be our room for the rest of the semester. The Registrar's Office cannot offer anything better during the time slot. For this reason I'll try to have lecture notes prepared and posted here a day in advance, so that you can print them and bring them with you to class.

Sun Jan 31
Notes for Lab 4 posted. Assignment 4 sketched.

Fri Jan 29
Quote of the week belongs to Shawn Travers

Thu Jan 28
Plan for lab 3 posted. Exams graded, will be returned to you in the lab, grades posted

Wed Jan 27
There were a few viewing problems reported the two prototypes (first, second)that have been posted for the new assignment. We know it works on the PCs in Lindley, which have recent versions of Netscape on them, but Mac users and users of somewhat dated versions of Netscape have reported that the applet doesn't load and that security violations are reported. Let us know how it works for you because that's the way I'd like to post homework demos and/or prototypes from now.

Tue Jan 26
Assignment 3 posted. Solutions to today's review exam. Template for homework 3. Updated lecture notes.

Mon Jan 25
Thanks to Tom Hunt for pointing out that there was a bogus line in the solution to the dot product in the sample review exam (removed now.)

Sun Jan 24
Solutions for lab 2 and the sample review exam have been posted. Lecture quizzes have been graded and grades have been posted. New message to the distribution list has been posted regarding next week's plan.

Thu Jan 21
Quick update sent to the distribution list. Submitting homework will be done electronically from now on. We are now collecting weekly feedback from you. Here's a sample review exam very much like the one that is coming up on Tuesday.

Wed Jan 20
Style Guide notes, solution to assignment 1 and lab notes 2 posted, lecture notes 4 and review exam notes in progress.

Tue Jan 19
Correction message sent to distribution list.

Mon Jan 18
Source code for the Objects, Classes, Instance and Class Variables Tutorial has been posted. We will go over, it in great detail, tomorrow in class.

Sun Jan 17
Plan for the coming week posted. If you're enrolled and not on the list please let us know!! Assignment 2 posted.

Sat Jan 16
Lecture notes 1 updated. More to come soon.

Thu Jan 14
Distribution list created and the first message posted. The messages to the list will be archived for your convenience. If you are not on the list and would like to be added please let us know.

Wed Jan 13
Assignment 1, lab 1 notes and office hours' schedule have been posted. Space for lecture notes 1 has been allocated. Lecture notes 2 were started.

Tue Jan 12
I have received a few questions after the lecture, I will try to summarize the answers to them by tomorrow. By tomorrow I will also make available the text for this week's lab notes and perhaps lecture notes from today (brief notes). As soon as I find out if we can move in a more appropriate room I will let you know.

Mon Jan 11
A202 starts tomorrow. The lecture has been moved from BH146 (that has a capacity of 34-48) to BH006 (who should be large enough to accommodate the 59 students currently enrolled). We have been told that there are 12 more students on the waiting list. If you are enrolled (not just on the waiting list) you should have received a mail message regarding the lectures being moved to BH006 (Ballantine).