Shakey the Robot

Shakey requires Netscape 3.x or better to run properly. Unfortunately, Shakey does not always behave well when viewed on a Mac.

If you do not see the "Run Shakey, Run" button below, then click on your "Reload" button.

Your browser must have Java and JavaScript enabled. This is done through "Options/Network Preferences" or "Edit/Preferences/Advanced" depending on which version of Netscape you are running. If you have trouble finding the enable boxes, then ask a consultant for help. Once you have the languages enabled, you may have to exit and restart Netscape in order to run Shakey.

We suggest that whenever you create a user-defined function, that you arrange the two windows so that they are both visible on the screen and non-overlapping.

Sorry, your browser doesn't understand the <APPLET> tag.

Bug Reports: Suzanne Menzel,