First Summer 2010

Mon Jun 07
Reading assignment for today:

Fri Jun 04
Fourth Friday Exam today in class.

Tue Jun 01
Reading assignment for today:

Fri May 28
Assignments for the third Fri exam as drawn in class:
Kentaro   --> [ 5, 3, 2 ]
Sean      --> [ 1, 5, 2 ]
Anwar     --> [ 3, 2, 5 ]
Amit      --> [ 4, 3, 5 ]
Ella      --> [ 3, 2, 5 ]
Andy      --> [ 4, 2, 5 ]
Bryan     --> [ 2, 3, 1 ]
Michael   --> [ 3, 5, 2 ]
Gyeonghun --> [ 1, 4, 5 ]

Wed May 26
Reading assignment for today:

Mon May 24
Reading assignment for today:

Fri May 21
Second Friday exam today.

Solutions have been collected in Class Notes under May 21, 2010 to help you review.

Tue May 18
Reading assignment for today:

Wed May 13
Today you will split in teams as follows:
1 Eric Knipstine - Sean Sills
2 Michael Peck - Stephen Cogswell
3 Joe Migliano - Josh Gamble
4 Marwa Ragheb - Anwar Alsanea
5 Andy Ng - Ella Qiang
6 Takuro S. - Jennie L. - Kentaro S.
7 Gyeonghun Jeong - Amit Jindal
8 Craig Doner - Bryan Kolski
The problems will be:

For each team each team member develops and explains three problems to the other team member.

I will list the assignments here now. Then in OnCourse at the end you upload a short report on your team mate.

The purpose is not to embarass each other, the purpose is to learn.

So any team member explaining a program can at any time ask for help from anyone (instructor, or the other team member).

The report should convey how well the other team member knew the problems (s)he had to explain.

Wed May 12
Reading assignment for tomorrow: chapter 2 from Michael Dawson (Python for the Absolute Beginner).

Tue May 11
In lab solve and submit the solutions to two of these four programs:
1. Write a program that prompts the user for two integers and then prints The sum The difference The product The average The distance (absolute value of the difference) The maximum (the larger of the two ) The minimum (the smaller of the two)
2. Write a program that prompts the user for a measurement in meters and then converts it into miles, feet and inches.
3. Write a program that prompts the user for a radius and then prints The area and circumference of the circle with that radius The volume and surface area of the sphere with that radius
4. Write a program that asks the user for the lengths of the sides of a rectangle. Then print The area and perimeter of the rectangle The length of the diagonal (use the Pythagorean theorem)
Lecture in class today at 1:10pm. Lab in BH308 at 2:40pm.

Today we start learning to use Python and we upload to Oncourse our first programs.

Updated by Adrian German for A201/A597