First Summer 2007

Tue May 6, 2008
Link to Books24x7 (search for Python for the absolute beginner).

Getting started with Alice: one, two.

Fri Jun 15
Grade reporting delayed one more day, I am still in 9:30am-3:30pm today.


Thu Jun 14
Solution to the final exam problem (includes a bit of extra code).

Wed Jun 13
Final Exam in class tomorrow.

You will receive either:

The exam is written and closed-book, entirely based on the homework and labs.

Problems are like those we posted for you to work on and review.

Just relax, review and come to the exam ready to apply what you've learned this semester:

  1. values, expressions, variables, assignment statements
  2. decisions, booleans, if statements, loops (while, for)
  3. sequences (strings, tuples, lists): indexing, slicing
  4. dictionaries, functions, text file I/O

Class today will discuss more examples of problems, take questions.

As a last note, a saying: "Education is what's left after you forget everything you learned in school."

Tue Jun 12
Grades for the two exams so far have been posted (A201-2304).

Makeups are not encouraged, unless truly necessary.

Thu Jun 7
Code discussed in class today.

Alice code for the Hanoi problem (see link above).

Wed Jun 6
Pseudocode discussed in class today.

Tue Jun 5
Practical Exam in lab today.

Code developed in class in preparation for the exam:


Mon Jun 4
Code developed in class today.

Sun Jun 3
Notes for Monday emphasize the next Homework (Eight).

Notes for the rest of the week, grades to be posted Monday.

A brief note about Chapter 6 from the Spring notes of A202.

Sat Jun 2
Midterm graded, posting grades will take two more days.

Notes updated for last Fri and the Fri before.

Fri Jun 1
Problems for the Practical:
  1. bubble sort
  2. selection sort
  3. magic square with nested lists
  4. magic square with dictionaries
  5. play addition quiz with the user

Grades for the Midterm, third week coming up.

Thu May 31
Midterm Exam in class today.

No office hours today, I am in Chicago.

Tue-Wed May 29-30
Labs today and tomorrow: important midterm review opportunities.

See posted notes for pool of problems and additional information.

Mon May 28
Memorial Day today. No classes.

Sun May 27
Sent to the class distribution list today:
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 17:55:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Adrian German 
To: A201/A597 Summer I 2007 Distr. List 
Subject: a201/a597 update 

Dear A201/A597 Friends,

Notes for Tue May 29 and Wed May 30 have been posted, they discuss the 9
(nine) problems you need to focus on for the midterm. Note that the first
two labs this week will be used as mock (pretend) exams. Both Metal and I
will be there, just to be sure you get enough help. The exam is on Thu in
class, with the lab on Thu offering a chance to self-grade your work right
after you submitted it and perhaps catch errors and fix/explain them so as
to not lose all the points---or, to just confirm it to yourself that all's
well and your exam was perfect.

Individual grade reports for the second week forthcoming, later tonight.

Adrian German

Sat May 26
Here are the problems you need to review for the Midterm Exam:

  1. teach the computer to play the game of nim with the user
  2. find/extract the prime factors of a positive integer
  3. determine the greatest common divisor of two positive integers
  4. report the letter profile of a string received from the user
  5. generate random sized random matrix of integers and print it nicely
  6. scalable patterns (4, A, C, E, Q, M, W, F, H, K, N, Z, P, R, V, X, Y)
  7. teach the computer to play the game of hangman with the user
  8. jumble the word (generate a permutation of the user input)
  9. sorting a list of integers (bubble sort, selection sort)

Lecture notes for Tue and Wed will include detailed solutions for these problems.

Labs will be used for exam practice (Tue, Wed details to be posted) and as part of the exam (Thu).

Full details to be posted Sunday May 27 and sent by e-mail as part of our weekly individual grade reports.

Fri May 25
Today we start Chapter 6 in class.

We hope to use it in the context of the on-going review for the exam.

Code we might refer to in class (or develop in class).

Thu May 24
Code developed in class today.

Code developed in class yesterday.

Some pseudocode discussed during office hours.

Wed May 23
Notes for today updated, more updates forthcoming.

Tue May 22
Code developed in class today.

Mon May 21
Code developed in class today.

Sun May 20
Midterm exam review starts this coming week.

Homework Six will be: describe (better than the book does) the info presented in chapters 1, 2, 3.

Homework Seven will be: describe (better than the book does) the info presented in chapters 4, 5.

Feel free to re-organize the material between the two if you so think it necessary.

There will be three more lab assignments this week (programs).

All of these (Labs 7, 8, 9 and Hw 6, 7) are due next Tue, May 29, in OnCourse.

Additional details in the notes to be posted.

Useful resource:

Sat May 19
The code we developed in class yesterday.

Fri May 18
Outcome of addressing the topic covered in Homework Four:
Basic example:
>>> import decimal
>>> 4.35 * 100
>>> decimal.Decimal(str(4.35 * 100))
>>> 0.1 * 10
>>> 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1
>>> 0.1
>>> decimal.Decimal(str(0.1))
>>> decimal.Decimal(str(0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1))
>>> for i in range(10):
	a += decimal.Decimal("0.1")
>>> a

Thu May 17
Sent last night to the class distribution list:
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 22:54:28 -0400
From: "German,  Dan-Adrian" <>
Subject: minute papers from now on, individual feedback forthcoming

Dear A201/A597 Friends,

Starting tomorrow your minute papers should include a brief summary,
comprising perhaps the most memorable things in your current reading
assignment, or any highlights that would emphasize the essential ideas
of the reading assignment for the day. Of course, you can bring your
minute paper written already from home. Then, in class, we will likely
ask a question during the lecture anyway, and you will add that to the
paper as brought from home and turn that in.

I will read them carefully, it will help me understand how you absorb
the information in your readings.

Individual feedback is forthcoming, including grades for the the first
week and feedback from your minute papers collected thus far.

Thanks and let me know if you need me in any way.

Adrian German

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Wed May 16
Code developed in class yesterday. Notes for today posted.

Tue May 15
Lecture and lab notes for today posted.

Mon May 14
Don't forget: starting today all lectures are in ED1204.

Sun May 13
Change of venue is confirmed for the lecture, starting tomorrow lectures are in ED1204.

Sat May 12
Actually we're trying to move the lecture to ED1204 instead, confirmation forthcoming.

Fri May 11
Every Tuesday we will collect the assignments (homework, lab) from the week before.

There is a box open in OnCourse for Week One (Labs 1, 2, 3 and Homework 1, 2).

It's better to turn assignments late than never, so keep working until you finish them.

Ideally you will turn them on time (on Tuesdays) but if you're late turn them in late.

Late assignments are not encouraged (in fact they are discouraged) but they are accepted.

Thu May 10
Notes updated, reading assignments posted through Tuesday.

Wed May 9
Notes for the day posted.

Tue May 8
First summer starts today at 1:10pm with lecture in LH102.

Updated by Adrian German for A201/A597