First Summer 2006

Class Notes will be posted here for your convenience.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
May 7 May 8 May 9
Lecture One
Lab One
May 10
Lecture Two
Lab Two
Assignment One
May 11
Lecture Three
Lab Three
Assignment Two
May 12
Lecture Four
May 13
May 14 May 15
Lecture Five
Assignment Three
May 16
Lecture Six
Lab Four
May 17
Lecture Seven
Lab Five
Assignment Four
May 18
Lecture Eight
Lab Six
May 19
Lecture Nine
May 20
May 21 May 22
Lecture Ten
Assignment Five
May 23
Lecture Eleven
Lab Seven
May 24
Lecture Twelve
Lab Eight
Assignment Six
May 25
Lecture Thirteen
Lab Nine
May 26
Lecture Fourteen
Alice Ch. Six
Alice Ch. Seven
Alice Ch. Eight
Alice Ch. Nine
Alice Ch. Ten
May 27
May 28 May 29
Memorial Day
Review Session
(7:15pm, LH102)
May 30
Lecture Fifteen
Lab Ten
Review Session
(7:15pm, LH102)

Assignment Seven
May 31
Midterm Exam
Lab Eleven
Assignment Eight
June 1
Lecture Sixteen
Old Lab Ten
Old Lab Six
Nested Loops Notes
About Nim
De Morgan's Laws
Lab Twelve
An Old Lab Eight
June 2
Lecture Seventeen
Old Lab Four
Old Ch. 3 Problems
The Kanamit Slides
Assignment Nine
June 3
June 4 June 5
Lecture Eighteen
June 6
Lecture Nineteen
Lab Thirteen
Assignment Ten
June 7
Lecture Twenty
Practical Help
June 8
Lecture Twenty-One
Mock Practical
June 9
Lecture Twenty-Two
June 10
June 11 June 12
Lecture Twenty-Three
June 13
Lecture Twenty-Four
Practical Exam
June 14
Lecture Twenty-Five
Final Review
June 15
Final Exam
Wrap-up Lab
(Makeups, etc.)
June 16
II SS starts
June 17

Updated by Adrian German for A201/A597