Sat Aug 11
I will turn grades in tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am. Final grades are posted now, and please let me know if you see anything that doesn't look right. Grades become final by 9am tomorrow and I will turn them in at 11am tomorrow.

I greatly enjoyed working with all of you. Together with Steve and Akshay we have put as much as we could to make this class a useful and entertaining experience for you.

Of all, the emphasis is on usefulness. I hope you can create useful Java programs now and if are ready to move up to a new level of proficiency I wish you good luck in A202/A598. (Before going there one needs to know those two Dilbert reviews inside out).

Congratulations and good luck with all you do.

... Adrian

Fri Aug 10
Final Grades should be posted very, very late tonight.

Grades for the final have been computed, adjusted, curved, bonused.

Here's a histogram of the scores on the final exam.

100  **********
 98  *
 96  ***
 94  *
 92  ***
 91  ***
 89  ****
 87  ***
 82  *
 80  ***
 78  **
 76  ****
 74  ***
 72  ******
 71  ****
 69  **
 65  *
 63  *
 62  *
 60  **
There were a few absentees, also.

Final Exam in Swain West 119 from 10am-noon.

Exam is open-book and open-notes, multiple-choice, 44 questions.

Wed-Thu Aug 8-9
Today and tomorrow my office hours will be:
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Lindley 201D - my office)
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM (Lindley 201D - my office)
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Lindley 016 - basement)
Also, in class I will only take requests for questions that would prepare us for the final exam (see the review sheet that was posted and reposted this last week). No more new material will be presented. We have reached the end of what we wanted to cover in A201. If you need any help please let me know.

Tue Aug 7
This is the review sheet for the midterm makeup (and the final too).

A change in the office hours for Friday: "Adrian, In honor of the final on Friday, I will again move my office hours up, and make them 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM. Thanks. Steve"

Mon Aug 6
The key for the midterm makeup finally finished.

The code we'll write in class today will go into the lab notes.

The lecture notes for today are (long and have been) finished.

Sun Aug 5
Lecture and lab notes for tomorrow under development.

In the weekly helps session today we discussed Labs 13 and 14.

Tomorrow we start the Alien's Landing Game in class.

Sat Aug 4
Nothing was posted today (at least not much).

Fri Aug 3
HW5 submission text area posted in QuizSite Thursday late night.

Thu Aug 2
Lecture notes 26-27 updated with the code from Wednesday and Thursday.

Please fill in the departmental course and instructor evaluations:

  1. Adrian German (Lecture)
  2. Akshay Sharma (BH118 Lab)
  3. Steve Bogaerts (BH308 Lab)

In class we might also discuss some of the more difficult QS/exam exercises.

Wed Aug 1
Optional lab assignment 14 posted is due Monday next Thursday.

Sketch of rest of week (including lab tomorrow) posted.

Here's the makeup administered last night.

Tue Jul 31
Don't forget there's a MIDTERM MAKEUP today in Lindley 102 (between 6-8pm).

Mon Jul 30
Lecture Notes for today have been posted

Lab Notes 13 (comprising Mandatory Lab Assignment 13) have been posted.

Sun Jul 29
Also the review sheet for the midterm makeup (and the final too) has been updated.

Remember that there is a weekly help session today at 4pm.

Sat Jul 28
A few thoughts that I would like you to be guided by, with your permission.

Fri Jul 27
Here's a review sheet for the midterm makeup (and the final too).

Thu Jul 26
A bit more introductory info has been posted on applets (below the link for notes 23).

I will also be available for office hours 11:30am-1:25pm today.

Methods practice questions, with solutions, posted (ch. 7, pp. 305-307).

Array practice questions, with solutions, posted (ch. 11, pp. 470-473).

Office hours today have been moved to 8-9am.

Wed Jul 25
Bonus_9 and Bonus_10 posted in QuizSite. Bonus_1-8 revealed.

Lab Notes 12 (comprising Mandatory Lab Assignment 12) have been posted.

Lecture Notes for tomorrow have been posted

Lecture Notes for today have been posted

Homework Assignment Five has been posted.

Tue Jul 24
Lecture Notes for today have been posted

Today I am in Indianapolis in the morning so I won't be in for the 9-10am office hours. I will return to Bloomington at noon. I will keep office hours from 3-5pm instead of 9-10am, today.

Mon Jul 23
MIDTERM MAKEUP has been rescheduled for Tue Jul 31 (6-8pm) in LH102.

Lab Notes 11 (comprising Optional Lab Assignment 11) have been posted.

Sun Jul 22
Lecture Notes for tomorrow have been posted

Remember that there is a weekly help session today at 4pm.

Thu-Sat Jul 19-21
I am in Oklahoma, returning Sunday morning.

Thu Jul 19
Lab Notes 10 (comprising Lab Assignment 10) have been posted.

Lecture Notes for today have been posted. Read them. The book also contains related material, for example see pp. 346-345 to which the notes refer directly. In class today though we will focus on the lab, that should help you with the homework due Monday.

Wed Jul 18
Lecture Notes for today have been posted

Tue Jul 17
Here's a reference to George Boole.

Lecture Notes for today have been posted

Mon Jul 16
Homework Assignment Four has been posted.

Also check the lab notes of today for some goodies.

Sun Jul 15
Midterm grades have been posted Friday night. But IU Webmaster reports a server outage and restore on Saturday night, which essentially deleted what I had posted the night before. I am reposting the grades now. I will return the scantrons to you in lab, on Monday.

Lab Notes 9 (comprising Lab Assignment 9) have been posted.

Remember that there is a weekly help session today at 4pm.

Sat Jul 14
Lecture Notes for Monday have been posted

Fri Jul 13
Here's the key for the midterm.

MIDTERM EXAM (10am-noon) in SWAIN WEST 119.

Thu Jul 12
Lab Notes 8 (comprising Lab Assignment 8) have been posted.

Wed Jul 11
Steve's Fri office hours this week moved to 8-10am.

Midterm review tomorrow night (8-8:45pm) moved to LH101 (next to LH102).

Outline for today's lecture notes has been posted

Tue Jul 10
Lecture Notes for today have been posted

Mon Jul 9
Lab Notes 7 (comprising Lab Assignment 7) have been posted.

Sun Jul 8
Lecture Notes Twelve have been posted.

Remember that there is a weekly help session today at 4pm.

Sat Jul 7
Lecture Notes for Thursday have been posted

Fri Jul 6

QuizSite (dgerman-A597) contains 4 (four) new bonus activities, available until July 13th:

  1. Bonus_5 (with 13 new questions)
  2. Bonus_6 (with 10 new questions)
  3. Bonus_7 (with 39 new questions)
  4. Bonus_8 (with 32 new questions)

Thu Jul 5
Homework Assignment Three has been posted.

LH102 has been reserved for a midterm exam review Thu July 12 8-8:45pm.

Wed Jul 4
Lab Notes Six containing Lab Assignment Six have been posted.

Tue Jul 3
Lecture Notes Eleven have been posted.

Mon Jul 2
QuizSite (dgerman-A597) contains two new bonus activities, available until July 12th.

Sun Jul 1
The help session today answered questions about: Homework Two, Lab Four, Lab Five. Thanks to everybody who came, we had an audience of about 12 hardworking students.

Remember that is a weekly help session today at 4pm.

Sat Jun 30
Lecture Notes 10 (containing a large number of solved problems for your perusal and exercise) have been posted. Please be sure to look through the exercises indexed in the notes (towards the end, both the warmup problems as well as the programming problems).

Fri Jun 29
Remember that we have weekly help sessions on Sundays at 4pm.

Lab Notes 5 (comprising Lab Assignment 5) have been posted.

Thu Jun 28
QuizSite contains two bonus exam-like activities, available until July 5th.

Wed Jun 27
Homework 1 is due tonight. Please review the assignment before submitting.

Tue Jun 26
Here's the final exam from Spring, as a sample exam.

Mon Jun 25
Lab notes 4, lab assignment 4, lecture notes 7-9 posted.

Lab notes 3 posted contain in-lab assignment 3.

Many thanks to June-Bum Kim, Li-Chu Sung, Lori Parcel, Sara Sustersic, Soe Aung, and Meeyoung Haugh who came to the help session yesterday!

Sun Jun 24
First weekly help session is today in LH102 from 4-6pm.

Lecture notes for Tuesday posted (textbook read sections 5.2, most of 5.1, and 5.4).

Sat Jun 23
Lecture notes for Monday posted.

Fri Jun 22
Schedule of exams and help sessions posted, complete with venues and dates.

Thu Jun 21
QuizSite initialized, please log into it (use A597) and check your lab section number.

Wed Jun 20
Akshay's office hours adjusted, now final.

First homework assignment posted also.

In-lab assignment Two has now been posted.

Lab notes 2 have been posted.

Tue Jun 19
Akshay's office hours are also available now.

Lecture notes 3 and 4 have been posted.

Steve's office hours posted.

Mon Jun 18
If you don't have an IUB Network ID please get one as soon as possible.

Please make sure you read the CSCI Department Statement on Academic Integrity.

Class notes posted for today and tomorrow.

First lecture (LH102), followed by labs (in BH118, BH308).

Fri Jun 15
Second summer session starts.