Second Summer 2006

Wed Aug 09
Grades updated (section is A201-7056 for everybody).

The final is tomorrow for those that didn't take it yet.

Fri-Sun Aug 04-06
Schedule of final exams for next week:

Monday Janet, Joe, Rachel
Tuesday Adi, Tom
Wednesday Tyler
Thursday Cristina

Congratulations to Troy and Carlson who finished with flying colors.

Dominick is yet to choose a day, but he still has plenty of time for that.

Thu Aug 03
Here's the code developed in class today.

Type of software to be discussed in the guest lecture of next Tue.

Wed Aug 02
Problem set to be posted today (we need to run them in class):

First final exam tomorrow Thu Aug 03: Troy Grosfield.

Key to eliminate apprehension on an exam: pretend you're someone else.

We'll see many examples of that with Dana Carvey today, in class.

Tue Aug 01
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 11:55:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Adrian German >>
To: A201 Distribution List
Subject: A201/A597 Final Exam

As discussed yesterday in class the final exam in A201/A597 this semester
will consist in solving a problem chosen at random from a set of announced
problems in class in 25 minutes. Exams could start as early as this Thu in
lecture or lab. You should feel free to send me a note to reserve the time
that would work best for you.

As discussed yesterday (in class) and demonstrated through selected clips
from the Chris Farley show, such a circumstance might induce nervousness--
and to a significant extent. You should not worry. For, as we further show
in class today, if you just abandon your fears study hard and let yourself
go, things are bound to go well. And I'll have additional Farley clips to
demonstrate these ideas on hand today (clips plus selected outtakes).

Here's the list of the problems, which we will discuss in class this week
extensively (along with more details on the exam per se).

    1. Hangman
    2. Word Jumble
    3. Guess the number in ten tries (computer does)
    4. Sort a list of numbers
    5. Sort list candidates (data from a file) by the number of votes received
    6. Object-oriented game of Nim
    7. Matrices and magic squares
    8. Scalable patterns (A, Z, 4, M, Q, R, W and such).

Please let me know if you have questions. See you in class. ... Adrian P.S. Times available: this Thu (lecture, lab), Mon (lecture, lab), Wed and Thu (lecture, lab) next week. Let me know what times you prefer. Tue Aug 8 next week we have a guest lecture Krishna Kumar from Microsoft will give a presentation on Managed DirectX and the new XNA (to be released Nov 2006). I might also make a brief presentation on the Blender gamekit.

Mon Jul 31
As discussed the Final Exam is a 25 min individual presentation to the class.

Details forthcoming by e-mail soon.

Thu Jul 27
Practical Exam in lab today.

Here's the simplest example that illustrates the point of yesterday's lecture:

class Player(object):
    def __init__(self,name): = name 
        self.points = 0;
    def points(self): # watch out! the name points has already been taken...
        print "Adding one point to",
        self.points += 1

p = Player("Larry") # this assigns an int value to p.points 
p.points() # this amounts to invoking the int (impossible!!)

The key here is to not use the same name for the instance method as for the instance variable.

Wed Jul 26
Code developed Tuesday in class is the starting point of the lecture today.

Today I am available for office hours 9:00am-10am and 11:00am-1:00pm in LH201D.

10:00-11:00am I am in my office but in a teleconference.

Tue Jul 25
Notes from yesterday posted.

Office hours today: 9:10-10:10am, and 12noon-1:15pm in LH201D.

Basically 10:20am-11:50am I will be unavailable.

Mon Jul 24
Lecture notes for today posted, grades will be updated too.

Wed-Thu Jul 19-20
Here's the cover of the book for which I was 30 mins late last Wednesday.

Homework Seven is slowly slowly making it into individual mailboxes now.

Also, PostEm now has complete grade reports for everybody (section is A201-7056).

Tue Jul 18
Grades now up-to-date completely (section is A201-7056 for everybody).

Reading assignment for this week: chapter 8.

Here is an older homework assignment and a set of notes to guide us today.

Mon Jul 17
Do check your grades in Postem (section is A201-7056 for everybody).

Lab and lecture notes for today posted, along with Homework Six (due Thu).

In lab we will review a set of four new Alice chapters.

Sun Jul 16
Grades should be up by the end of the day today (Sunday).

You should receive an e-mail message indicating your current course status.

Most everybody is doing very well but,

that you may have demonstrated thus far.

This coming week Homework Six will be posted (will be due Thursday).

Also, we go back to Alice for a few days.

Wed Jul 12
Midterm Exam in class tomorrow 1:30pm

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:19:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Adrian German 
To: A201 Distribution List 
Subject: late today 30 mins

Sorry for missing everybody today by 30 minutes. I came back from
Indianapolis late and got to Lindley only at 1:59pm. I saw the note
on the board and I have the list of names, I am in my office now. I
had to be in Indy this morning for a meeting with the publisher for
a text we have developed for the Fall (with Addison-Wesley). 

Unfortunately I left Bloomington a bit late, got there late, and left 
late again (for Bloomington this time), arrived back here late, missed 
everybody, was in fact ready to teach for 45 minutes, until 2:45pm, when 
our class ends, it wouldn't have been bad to do at least 45 minutes today?! 

But since I was late, and I could not announce anyone, I guess it's fine for 
us to not have a class today. ?! 

I don't need to be anywhere outside Bloomington until the end of the
summer session. So this (I apologize for it) won't happen again. The
exam is tomorrow 1:30pm in class, first part, then in lab 3:30-5:15pm.

Please review problems you have seen and worked on in class, for the
homework and the lab assignments. If you have any questions or need any
help please let me know. Thanks again and sorry for missing everybody.

... Adrian

Wed-Thu Jul 5-6
Homework Five, Lab Notes Six posted.

Lecture Notes for today will be posted in the evening, if we develop new code.

If we just discuss old code there will be no new notes.

Sat-Tue Jul 1-4
There won't be any lecture notes posted in advance for Wednesday.

The lecture will be used to catch up.

Perhaps code developed in class will be posted here after the lecture.

(No new code will be developed, old code not discussed yet will be reviewed.)

Thu-Fri Jun 29-30
Grades updated, more updates to come in the next few days.

(Please use PostEm A201-7056 to find your grades).

Wed Jun 28
Lecture and lab notes for the week posted, along with Homework Three.

Program we might discuss today:

def average(scores):
    sum = 0
    for score in scores:
        sum += score
    return sum/float(len(scores))

scores = []
score = raw_input("Enter: ")
while score != 'done':
    print "Current average is: ", average(scores)
    score = raw_input("Enter: ")
print "Thank you for using this program."
An example of using loops to check for data validity and consistency.

Tue Jun 27
Lecture notes for today posted. We will start with an example like this.

Example code for Homework One with comments and whatnot.

Grades updated, can be checked here. Grading scale as below:

0-54.99 55-65.99 66-67.99 68-69.99 70-75.99 76-77.99 78-79.99 80-85.99 86-87.99 88-89.99 90-95.99 96-up
F D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A A+

Here's another program we will discuss in class today:

user = raw_input("Number:")
sum = 0
count = 0
while user != "done":
    sum = sum + float(user)
    count = count + 1
    print sum/count
    user = raw_input("Number:")

Mon Jun 26
Lecture and lab notes for today posted.

Homework Two posted as well.

Office hours from now on: MTWR 10am-12noon.

Grades so far will be posted tonight.

Wed Jun 21
Lab and lecture notes for today posted, along with the first homework assignment.

Wed Jun 21
Labs to switch back to the MR BH118 3:30-5:15pm schedule.

Tue Jun 20
Lecture notes for today have been posted.

Here's the old Homework Zero material from the Spring of 2005.

(It contains the queen problem as well as many numerous other thoughts and problems along with comments.)

Mon Jun 19
Outline of first lab and lecture posted.

Labs will be MR 10am-12noon in BH108 from now on.

Fri Jun 16
Second summer session starts. First class on Mon 1:30pm in LH102.

Here's more information about our class (and A201 in general this summer).

Notes for this class as taught in:

Updated by Adrian German for A201/A597