Spring Semester 2002

The following people have asked or agreed to be listed as tutors for A201 last year and I will include their names here in the hope that they are still interested. Please contact them for rates and details.

1. Andrey Salaev asalaev@indiana.edu
2. Steve Grogg sgrogg@indiana.edu
3. Rodeth Sousa rsousa@cs.indiana.edu
4. Andrew Albrecht jaalbrec@indiana.edu
5. Nick Nugent nnugent@indiana.edu
6. Larry Lemons llemons@cs.indiana.edu
7. Casey Yost csyost@indiana.edu

If you would like personal tutoring, contact one of these tutors by e-mail and make arrangements directly. There is no fixed tutoring fee; the rate is negotiable between students and tutors.

Last updated: Feb 14, 2002 by Adrian German