CSCI A201/A597 and I210


Second semester 2000-2001

Thu May 3
Here's a copy of the final you took.

I am putting a key here.

The exam has been scanned, I just need to score it.

Thu Apr 26
Lab notes for today posted will be discussed in lecture.

Mon Apr 23
You can also upload your sixth project assignment in QuizSite now.

Lab quizzes 14-15 (the last two) posted in QuizSite.

Sun Apr 22
Grades for the practical exam uploaded.

Thu Apr 19
Lab notes for this week posted.

Wed Apr 18
Lecture notes for this week posted.

Fri Apr 13
I posted project 6 (last one, due April 28) and the grades for the redemption points 11 and 12 and lab 12 as well. I am out of town until Monday morning (office hours at 9am as usual).

Thu Apr 12
Lecture notes of Tuesday posted. Lecture and lab notes for today forthcoming.

Sat Apr 7
Midterm grades posted. Midterm answers in the assignments page.

Thu Apr 5
Lab notes for today posted.

Wed Apr 4
Sorry about the typos. Here's the key I will use (corrected, in the making).

Tue Apr 3
Solutions to problem set five posted. Exam tomorrow.

Sat Mar 31
Solutions to the problems on the practical exam.

Fri Mar 30
Eight set of redemption points entered today will be posted during the night.

Solutions to the problems on the practical exam will be posted here within a day.

Wed Mar 28
Seventh set of redemption points posted today.

Sun Mar 25
All but two (10, 11) problems out of 21 originally posted are explained in the document that serves as a review sheet for the practical exam this week.

Sat Mar 24
Sixth set of redemption points posted in MyGrades.

Nine (9) out of the twenty-one (21) practice problems have been solved and solutions posted for your study. Solutions for the rest twelve (12) will be added today.

Check them out at this address.

Fri Mar 23
By the end of the day today (midnight) I will post a developer's solutions to all the problems that we posted as recommended practice for the practical exam. Just so that you can study them over the weekend and ask questions in class next week. Check it out at this address.

Thu Mar 22
Lab notes (mock practical) posted. Grades will be updated only over the weekend. Same goes about the page with " Letters, we get letters... " due to lack of time.

Wed Mar 21
There is now a link to the page that describes the practical practice problems.

Practice problems for the practical exam next week being put together as you read this, and will be posted here before the end of the day. Answers to all the questions collected in the A201 "viewer mail" bag will also be posted by tomorrow, or announced in class.

Tue Mar 20
Fifth set of redemption points posted.

Fri Mar 9
Fourth set of redemption points posted.

Lecture notes for the next three weeks posted.

Thu Mar 8
Practical exam and due date of project five have been moved a week later.

Lecture and lab notes for today, lab assignment and project 5 posted.

Wed Mar 7
Third set of redemption points posted.

Project 5 and a batch of practice problems for the practical will be posted.

Check out the motivation behind all of our hard work this semester.

Tue Mar 6
Solution to project 4 finally posted on this site.

Main page contains (at the top) links for the

Remember that no editor (or any Java IDE for that matter) is Java. What we mean by Java is essentially encapsulated in two programs: javac and java. The rest is ancillary material related to development. Emacs is the superior editor!

Fri Mar 2
Second redemption points posted.

Thu Mar 1
Lecture and lab notes for today have been posted.

Tue Feb 27
Grades updated with the first set of redemption points.

Mon Feb 26
Lecture notes for tomorrow posted.

Sun Feb 25
Grades for the first midterm exam have been finally posted. The average was 69.60 (for 195 exams). The median score was 73. Half of the students were over this score. Starting Tuesday we will be offering redemption points with each lecture for a total of 5% of the overall final grade. Details will be sent to you by e-mail and posted on this site tomorrow, Monday.

Thu Feb 22
Lecture and lab notes for today posted.

Tue Feb 20
Lecture notes for today posted.

New assignment (four), complete list of due dates posted.

Mon Feb 19
Grades updated. More to come soon.

Thu Feb 15
In-lab 6 (also serving as minute paper 6) uploaded to QuizSite.

Wed Feb 14
Lecture and lab notes for tomorrow posted.

Midterm exam #1 is Today in Rawles 100 7-9pm.

Tue Feb 13
Lecture notes for today posted.

Solutions for the third problem set posted.

Mon Feb 12
The A201/A597 and I210 First Midterm Exam is on Wednesday 2/14 between 7pm and 9pm in class (Rawles 100). The exam will be composed of two problems like in the first three sets of problems, and a few (3-5) short-answer or multiple-choice questions of the kind you have seen in lab notes, lecture notes, or end-of-chapter review exercises from the textbook (chapters 2, 3, 5). For the two programs you will have to do what you did on the homework assignments, that is: write the program code from scratch, except you won't have a computer in front of you, so you have to think very clearly from the beginning.

Fri Feb 9
I am in Oklahoma until Monday evening, my next office hours are Monday at 6pm.

Thu Feb 8
Lab Notes Five have been posted.

Wed Feb 7
Lab Five Quizzes uploaded in QuizSite. Grades updated.

Tue Feb 6
Project Three uploaded in QuizSite ready for distribution.

Mon Feb 5
Problem Set Three posted. Most grades updated.

Sun Feb 4
Lecture notes for the week posted.

Solutions to problem set two posted.

Thu Feb 1
Lab notes for this week posted.

Tue Jan 30
Lecture notes for Thursday posted.

Mon Jan 29
Slides for the lecture tomorrow posted.

Sun Jan 28
Grades for the first two lab assignnments posted (under A201-1257). More to come soon!

Fri Jan 26
Homework assignment two posted in QuizSite, due next Saturday at the end of the day.

List of tutors being put together.

Thu Jan 25
Lab notes 3 posted, contains link to minute paper and lab assignment in QuizSite.

Project One solutions posted. Read them all/carefully.

Tue Jan 23
Office hours, list of instructors as assigned to labs, almost finished.

Sun Jan 21
Lab schedule finalized, assignments page, what's due, updated.

Office hours, grades to follow.

Sat Jan 20
Lecture notes for next week posted.

Thu Jan 18
Lab Notes Two posted.

Tue-Wed Jan 16-17
Updated rosters in QuizSite and Postem.

Mon Jan 15
Homework One in posted (in QuizSite).

Sun Jan 14
Homework One in preparation.

Fri-Sat Jan 12-13
QuizSite and Postem rosters brought up to date.

Thu Jan 11
Practical exam moved after Spring Break (see syllabus)

Lecture notes for next week have been posted.

Wed Jan 10
Lab notes for this week have been updated, please check them before you go to lab.

QuizSite (dgerman-a201) and Postem (A201-1257) have been initialized. Rosters are as of this morning. Please visit them both and make sure the info posted under your username is correct.

Tue Jan  9
Lecture notes 1-2, syllabus, grading info, list of resources, and sample lab notes #1 posted.

Mon Jan  8
Second semester starts, first A201/A597/I210 lecture tomorrow at 4pm in Rawles 100.