CSCI A201/A597 and I210

Office Hours

Second semester 2000-2001

The complete list of office hours will be posted here shortly.

Who Username Where Time Day
Adrian dgerman LH301G 9-10am MTWRF
LH301G 4-5pm MW
LH016 6-7pm F
LH016 7-8pm TR
Alex oleykin LH330I 2-4pm W
May malani LH016 1-2pm T
LH016 1:30-2:30pm R
Zhen zhpan LH201F 8:30-10:30am R
Francisco flaradam LH401F
12:15-2:15pm F
Vlad vpavlor LH201D 5:40-6:40pm RF
Michael myadroff LH016 6-7pm MW
Sangwook sapark LH301G 2-4 W
Bob rnajlis LH201H 1:30-3:30pm T
Andrey asalaev LH016 12:30-2:30pm F
Ying yinjin LH016 1:20-2:20pm RF