CSCI A201/A597


Spring 2000

Fri May 5

Final grades submitted to the Registrar's.
F I D C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A A+
6 4 2 3 5 5 16 24 19 23 47 3

I hope you have a good summer!

Thu May 4

Here's Jonathan Nowacki's self-reproducing program.

class R {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
  String b = "  System.out.println(\"class R {\");\n" +
  "  System.out.println(\"  public static void main(String[] args) {\");\n" +
  "  System.out.print(\"  String b = \\\"\");\n" +
  "  for (int i = 0; i < b.length(); i++) {\n" +
  "    char c = b.charAt(i);\n" +
  "    if (c == '\\n') System.out.print(\"\\\\n\\\" + \\n  \\\"\");\n" + 
  "    else { if (c == '\\\\' || c == '\\\"')\n" + 
  "             System.out.print('\\\\');\n" +
  "           System.out.print(c);\n" +
  "    }\n" +
  "  }\n" +
  "  System.out.print(\"\\\";\\n\");\n" + 
  "  System.out.println(b + \" }\\n}\");";
  System.out.println("class R {"); 
  System.out.println("  public static void main(String[] args) {");
  System.out.print("  String b = \"");
  for (int i = 0; i < b.length(); i++) {
    char c = b.charAt(i); 
    if (c == '\n') System.out.print("\\n\" + \n  \""); 
    else { if (c == '\\' || c == '\"') 
  System.out.print(b + "\n }\n}");
Congratulations to Jonathan who earns the A201 big bonus.

Wed May 3 (late night)

Dear Friends,

A201 Final Grades have been posted. I plan to turn these grades in on Friday morning so if you have any questions or concerns please let me know tomorrow Thursday and if I can help I will try to help, if not I will let you know why I can't help.

Thanks a lot for your dedication this semester and congratulations for your hard work! On behalf of Aseem, Aswin, David, Jung Yul, Rahul and myself have a great summer and best of luck with everything!

... Adrian

Tue May 2

Final exam with answers.

Sun Apr 30

Grades for the practical posted. Tomorrow I hope we can get the last missing grades from the AIs and post them all together with the QuizSite exercises grades such that you know what grade you're counting on -- before you go into the final.

Posted today on the distribution list:

For the final please make sure you can read and write code about arrays and procedures. You may have to write simple loops to compute the max or to sort an array or to compute an average or to search for a certain type of value in an array on the exam (in other words short-answer questions are also possible, the exam may not be only multiple-choice).

The exam is closed-book, and anything that you will need will be given in the text of the exam. Please review the last activity in QuizSite and review the following chapters in the book: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (mostly 5.1 and 5.2) and 7 (7.1 and 7.2). Also review lecture and lab notes as posted on the website.

Monday morning I need to be in Indianapolis so I will be in the office only after 1pm. I hope to have the practical exam graded and posted by 7am Monday morning, before I leave for Indy. If I can be of any help please let me know and I will try to help as soon as I can.

Thanks and best of luck with all your finals and projects.

... Adrian

> Hello Adrian,
> I was just wondering if you could point out any specific chapters we
> should be reviewing in the book. [..] I want to make sure to review the
> basics before Tuesday's final. Thank you.

Thu Apr 27

Practical Exam today and tomorrow. Here's where we expect you'll be reporting, and here are more practice problems for you to look at before the exam.

Tue Apr 25

Lecture notes 27 finally posted.

Mon Apr 24

QuizSite items to help you practice for the final exam have been posted. There's only one activity, which can be submitted 30 times, only the highest score will be reported.

Thu Apr 20

Solutions to practice problems posted: problems 1, 4, 7, 16 are in the lecture notes 28 and 2, 14, and 17 in the lab notes 14. The remaining ones will make up the notes of Tuesday (which I have not been able to post yet). 5 and 6 ask you to modify existing programs while 3 is a modification on the last assignment. 8, 9, 12, 13, 15 have been presented either on Tuesday in class or in the review session in LH102. They will make it to the posted notes before too long. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Wed Apr 19

Practical Exam II has been moved one week. Use the labs to work on the sample problems, I will post solutions to them before tomorrow's labs, as part of the class notes.

Tue Apr 18

Lecture notes of last Thursday posted. Lecture notes of today to be posted after the lecture.

Practical Review in LH102 at 7:15pm tonight

Thu Apr 13

Another message sent to the distribution list containg the following info:

Next Tuesday (April 18) I have reserved LH102 (in Lindley) for a review session in which I can answer any questions you may have about the exam. The room is reserved for us from 7:15 to 9:15pm.

LH102 is smaller than Rawles 100 but has a projector and computer and we can work better than in LH016 (it has a bigger board too).

So next Tuesday I won't keep my 5:30-6:30pm office hour instead we will have the review/question and answers session in Lindley 102 7:15-9:15pm.

If you have any questions or need extra help let me know.

... Adrian

Message sent to the distribution list containg the following info:
Dear Friends,

The second practical exam is scheduled for next week. The exam is open book and open notes. You are expected to report to the same lab section to which you reported for the first practical, if not please let me know what section you will be reporting to this time so that we can set the QuizSite records accordingly.

The overall aspect of the practical is the same: you come to class and log into QuizSite. Choose Practical_Two and click Proceed and you will be given a randomly drawn problem to work on. You have the entire period of the lab to work on it, and turn it in through QuizSite (in the exact same way you turned it in for the first practical).

What kind of problems could you be given to solve on the exam? We have posted a set of about 15 sample of problems. They've been posted as Lab Notes 13. Please read them and think about them. Solving them is perhaps the best possible preparation for the exam. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will help.

In lab this week please try to finish assignment 10. Given that lecture notes of Tuesday contain a fairly extensive description of the solution to the assignment I would suspect that most of you are almost done with it by now, or have reduced the problem to a perhaps laborious but straightforward coding process. In that case use the lab time to ask your lab coordinator any questions that you may have on the 15-17 problems posted as lab notes 13 (your practice problems for the practical exam next week).

You can also bring any questions that you may have to class today or next week and we can solve them right there on the computer. Lecture notes today may not be posted in time for class, but I hope to post them late tonight. We'll look at procedures with arrays as parameters and/or return types.

If you need help please let me know.

... Adrian

P.S. Lab coordinators, please look over the problems and let me know what you think of them. Your input can significantly influence the aspect of the problems on the practical next week. Lab notes 13 is what we start from.

Lab notes posted, contain a list of sample practical problems. Lecture today on procedures with arrays as parameters. Lecture notes may not be finished and posted before the lecture but I will try to poste them shortly after that.

Wed Apr 12
Updated a few solutions links on the assignments page (including assignment 8).

Tue Apr 11
Lecture notes 25 have been posted.

Grades for assignment 8 have been posted last week so please check them.

Thu Apr 6
Lecture notes 24 and lab notes 12 to be posted before the lecture.

Tue Apr 4
Assignments 9 and 10 posted. Lecture notes for today posted.

Thu Mar 30
Lecture and lab notes for today have been posted.

Tue Mar 28
Alternate take home final project has been posted. There will be two more assignments coming up, one from chapter 8 and one from chapter 7. Then the second practical. Then there will one final QuizSite set of activities posted in QuizSite to help with the final exam (May 2).

Lecture notes 21 also posted.

Mon Mar 27
Message sent to the distribution list containg the following info:

Lecture tomorrow will cover homework 8 in detail. I will post the web notes about four hours before the lecture. The assignment has been extended to Friday March 31 at the end of the day. The dates for the second practical and final exam have been posted (April 20-21, and May 2) and more information will be posted on the web site soon.

Sun Mar 26
The AI/UI review finally posted in QuizSite. Please take some time to answer a few questions about your lab coordinator. Only answer questions for the instructors with which you've interacted directly. Thanks a lot for your time and responses, your feedback is of great importance to us!

Thu Mar 23
Lecture notes 20 posted. Lab notes 10 and alternative take-home exam coming soon.

Tue Mar 21
Lecture notes 19 posted. Assignment 8 (eight) posted. Grading detailed on assignment 7 (seven>).

Thu Mar 9
Lecture notes 18 and lab notes 9 have been posted. A few grades updated in the morning. Midterm grade reports to be sent tonight by e-mail to each one of you.

Wed Mar 8
Grades updated. Please check and recheck them and report to us if something is missing and/or incorrectly recorded. The mail messages with the midterm reports will be sent tomorrow.

Tue Mar 7
Lecture notes 17 have been posted. After the lecture tonight I will start processing the 15-16 messages that I have received about some of the older assignments that don't show up in the gradebook, and I will make the update and then respond to each one of you individually.

Mon Mar 6
Over the weekend and today most grades have been updated and posted. A grading scale is now part of your midterm grade report. Please let me know if you think any of your assignments have not been recorded and I'll update your records.

Fri Mar 3
Scores for the midterm exam have been calculated and posted.

Here's some statistical data about the exam:

   4 with 37/37  ****
  12 with 36     ************
  11 with 35     ***********
  17 with 34     *****************
  10 with 33     **********
   7 with 32     *******
  13 with 31     *************
   8 with 30     ********
  11 with 29     ***********      This was the mean score: 29.01 
   9 with 28     *********
   8 with 27     ********
   5 with 26     *****
   6 with 25     ******
   6 with 24     ******
   5 with 23     *****
   6 with 22     ******
   4 with 21     ****
   4 with 20     ****
   5 with 19     *****
   2 with 18     **
   2 with 16/37  **
   2 with 15/37  **
The standard deviation was: 5.53. The posted grades are out of 100, so your raw score (that you can check by looking at the midterm key that was posted yesterday on the web) was multiplied by 100 and divided by 37 and that was posted. Grades for QuizSite activities have also been computed and posted. I will be on campus tomorrow to compute midterm grades and post them. Grades for review I and II have also been computed and posted.

Thu Mar 2
Here's the midterm with answers. Lab notes 8 sketched will be finished later. Lecture notes 14 finally posted. There is a midterm exam in class today (4-5:15pm in Rawles 100).

Mon Feb 28
Lecture notes for tomorrow posted. Please print them and bring them to class tomorrow. I will try to post the lecture notes from Thursday soon, for you to rely on them for the midterm.

There is a midterm exam coming up this Thursday, 4-5:15pm in Rawles 100.

Sun Feb 27
Grades for the first practical exam have been posted today. Please let us know if you see any errors or if something seems to be missing. The rest of the grades (assignments 3, 4, and 5) will be posted Monday.

Fri Feb 25
Assignment 6 is due on March 2nd, at 10am.

Thu Feb 24
PRACTICAL EXAM 1 today and tomorrow in labs. Check this list to see where you said you'd be reporting for the practical exam. Lecture notes for today will be posted later in the evening (after the lecture). Lab notes represent the starting point in your practical so please make sure you read them.

Wed Feb 23
Here's when and where each of us take the practical.

Tue Feb 22
Lecture notes today will be posted rather late today. Assignments 6 (more QuizSite exercises) and 7 (a prototype is in the making here) will be posted tomorrow. The lecture on Thursday will be only on the most difficult items in Week5 batches of items.

Thu Feb 17
Lecture notes 12 posted. Lab notes to follow.

Tue Feb 15
Lecture notes 11 posted at 8am. Solution to assignment 3 ( posted.

Sun Feb 13
I've tried to catch up by posting grades up to assignment 2.

Thu Feb 10
Lecture notes 10 posted at 3pm. Lab notes 5 posted around 10am.

Wed Feb 9
Assignment 5 has been posted.

Tue Feb 8
Lecture notes for today posted at 3pm. Today the lecture will focus on details about values, operators, expressions, variables, types, syntax and semantics of Java statements. The notes will be posted sometime today.

Fri Feb 4
Please note that the handin procedure has changed.

Thu Feb 3
New assignment posted. Check lab notes 4 for hints on the homework and for a list of the QuizSite items that you need to work on for the next assignment. Today we will continue the presentation of the element package and we will advance further in chapter 2. We will be revisiting console window and talk about drawing windows, graphical primitives and mouse input. Lecture notes will be made available shortly.

Wed Feb 2
Grades have been posted. If your grade is not posted or if you notice errors please let us know.

Tue Feb 1
The list of available tutors is growing. Postem has been initialized with the usernames on the Registrar's roster so currently you can check whether you're on the roster or not by going to My Grades. Actual grades for the first two assignments will be uploaded there soon. A list of available tutors is now being compiled.

Mon Jan 31
Reading assignment posted. Lecture tomorrow will be on the topics covered by the reading assignment so rely confidently on it. Lecture notes have been posted at the end of the day.

Thu Jan 27
Lecture notes for today posted. Lab notes 3 posted and in-lab assignment two.

Wed Jan 26 now has the same high price for the textbook as the bookstores in town. You can rely on lecture notes and the 2 copies placed on reserve at Swain if you want to save money. Tomorrow we will go over the last part of the homework again -- which is selecting the maximum out of a sequence of numbers. Then we will move into very basic, very simple graphical output in Java using the Java element package that comes with the book. The page for Homework One has been updated with a clearer and more detailed description of the task for this assignment (essentially taken from the lab notes of Friday). Lecture notes will be posted later tonight.

Tue Jan 25
As of 3pm today two copies of the textbook are on reserve at Swain Hall (Physics, Math and CSci) Library. They're each on a 2 hour reserve. Having trouble setting the PATH variable to work with JDK on your home computer? Check the simple workaround that we used in setting Parin's laptop this morning in my office in Lindley 301G. (Or modify your AUTOEXEC.BAT file). Lecture notes for today have been posted.

Mon Jan 24
I have already received requests for reviews, so I will start posting hindsight notes week by week. The first installment in this series has been posted today, as HINDSIGHT 1.

Sun Jan 23
Installation instructions for JDK1.2 (also known as Java 2).

Thu Jan 20
Lecture notes posted. Homework assignment 1 posted. Lab notes posted (with lab quiz).

Wed Jan 19
I will have the lab notes and lecture notes for 01/20, as well as the new homework assignment finished by tomorrow morning (01/20), at 8am. The new assignment will be related to the Syracuse numbers that are explained in your text at page 79. The lecture will be mostly on chapter 3 (and we will solve a few exercises in class) and with a brief introduction to chapter 2 graphics element package. We will distribute floppy disks with the element package in the labs, I will produce these disks tonight and distribute them to the lab coordinators tomorrow before the lab.

Tue Jan 18
QuizSite roster updated. If you can't get in please let me know. Distribution list created and initialized, will be used for the first time at 2pm today with a short introductory message. Office hours have been updated (added more hours for Adrian in LH016). Lecture notes for today will be posted around 3pm. The reading assignments page has been updated around 2:30pm.

Mon Jan 17
No classes, university offices closed in observance of Martin Luther King's Day.

Thu Jan 13
Buy your book through and save almost 50% off the bookstore's price. Many thanks to Michael Cardarelli for letting us know about this deal! In-lab assignment 1 will be posted today, and the office hours, and the syllabus updated.

Wed Jan 12
I will post lecture notes and lab notes for the entire week today, and a more detailed syllabus as well. In preparation for Thursday's lecture and labs please read chapter 0 in the book ("Welcome") completely, and look through chapter 1 ("Values, Variables, and Expressions").

Tue Jan 11
Typo in the lab schedule posted on the web fixed. The schedule listed on this site should now be correct. Thanks to James Sutherland for pointing it out.

The class starts today in RH100 (Rawles 100) at 4pm.

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