CSCI A201/A597

A201 Tutors

Spring 2000

The following people have asked to be listed as tutors for A201.

1. Nicholas J. Nugent
2. Catalin Tomai
3. Anushree Ramakrishnan
4. Nik Swoboda
5. Michael Wyant
6. Anil Iyengar
7. Joshua Goldberg
8. Sara Insley

If you would like personal tutoring, contact one of these tutors by e-mail and make arrangements directly.

Important Notes

There is no fixed tutoring fee; the rate is negotiable between students and tutors.

These tutors have demonstrated proficiency in Java and the concepts covered in A201, but they are not officially endorsed by the A201 instructors or the Computer Science Department. If you have any complaints or comments about these tutors, please contact one of the A201 instructors.

Last modified: Feb 4, 2000 by Adrian German