CSCI A201/A597

Office Hours

Spring 2000

Day When Where Who
Mon 11:30A-1:30P LH301G Adrian
Mon 12A-1P LH330A Aseem
Mon 1P-2P LH016 Aswin
Mon 5:30P-6:30P LH016 Adrian
Tue 11:30P-1:30P LH301G Adrian
Tue 2:30P-3:30P LH406 Jung Yul
Tue 2:30P-3:30P LH016 Rahul
Tue 5:30P-6:30P LH016 Adrian
Wed 10A-12A LH016 Dave
Wed 11:30A-1:30P LH301G Adrian
Wed 1P-2P LH016 Aswin
Wed 1P-2P LH330A Aseem
Wed 7:30P-8:30P LH016 Adrian
Thu 11:30A-1:30P LH301G Adrian
Thu 2:30P-3:30P LH406 Jung Yul
Thu 2:30P-3:30P LH330A Rahul
Thu 5:30P-6:30P LH016 Adrian

Unless there are typos or ommissions (which we will try to identify and correct as soon as possible) this is the final schedule of office hours for the semester. Each one of us is also available by appointment so please let us know when we can be of help.