Evaluations: 1. Lecture 2. Thu Lab 3. Zhen's Lab 4. Raj's Lab

CSCI A114 / INFO I111
What's New?

First semester 2000-2001

Tue Oct 17
Practical Exam Two has been posted.

Tue Oct 17
Eval links posted (above and on main page).

Lab notes 14 posted last night.

Mon Oct 16
Grades updated significantly, and I have to post some more too. THQ6 will be posted tonight, will contain a question (just one) from each of the past projects (done in the lab). Counts as preparation for the exam.

Thu Oct 12
I need to add a link to the departmental instructor and course eval system here.

Lab Notes 13 (counting as HWK6) posted.

Wed Oct 11
Here's the plan for the remaining 9 days of the semester:

  1. Midterm Makeup, posted, is due before the Final (and optional).
  2. Lab 12 is HWK5, due at the end of this week (one lab later).
  3. THQ5 is the E-R diagram of the database in HWK5 (one diagram).
  4. HWK6 is Lab 13, to be turned in at end of Lab 14.
  5. THQ6 will be posted tonight, will have same due date as HWK6.
  6. Practical 2 is a take home, will be based on Lab 14.
  7. Final Exam is next Thursday in class, I will have more details on that soon.

Let me know if you have questions.

We'll be up to date with all grades soon!

Mon Oct 9
HWK5 and THQ5 posted, due at the end of the week.

Thu Oct 5
Lab notes 11 posted.

Tue Oct 3
Lab notes 10 posted.

Mon Oct 2
Assignment 4 and THQ#4 posted, due Friday.

Grades for the midterm and practical exam have been posted. Exams will be returned to you during the lab on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wed Sep 27
Document with relational algebra operations promised has been posted.

Mon Sep 25
Lecture notes for this week and first lab posted.

Thu Sep 21
Lecture notes for this week posted.

There is a practical in lab today and tomorrow, and a midterm a week for today.

Tue Sep 19
Grades have been posted for the first two quizzes and first two assignments. Disks and papers will be returned to you during lab today and tomorrow.

Fri Sep 15
THQ #3 has been posted.

Thu Sep 14
Assignment 3 has been posted.

Wed Sep 13
Lab notes 6 have been posted.

Tue Sep 12
Lecture notes 5 have been posted.

Mon Sep 11
Lab notes 5 have been posted.

Thu Sep 7
E-mail distribution list created.

THQ#2 posted, and lecture notes 4 sketched.

Wed Sep 6
Assignment 2 posted.

Tue Sep 5
Lab notes 3 and lecture notes 3 have been posted.

Fri Sep 1
Syllabus posted.

I am in Tulsa, OK, until Monday evening (leaving today Friday 6am).

Thu Aug 31
Lecture notes 2 have been posted.

Wed Aug 30
Lab notes 2 have been posted.

Tue Aug 29
A114/I111 starts with lecture in LI033, followed by labs in LH025.

Lecture notes, lab notes, first assignment and THQ#1 posted.

Mon Aug 28
First semester 2000-2001 starts.

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