CSCI A114 / INFO I111
Introduction to Databases

First semester 2000-2001

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A114 Introduction to Databases (1.5 cr.) P: A110, A111, or equivalent. Introduction to database design concepts. Entering and modifying data, accessing data using visual tools and SQL, building database applications using forms and application development tools. Emphasis on problem-solving techniques. Lecture and laboratory. Half semester.

Dan-Adrian GERMAN (, 5-7071 LH 301G)

Associate Instructors:
Gopalakrishnan NATARAJAN (
Zhen PAN (

Classes: two lectures and one of three labs per week:

1315/6951 Lecture   Adrian     2:30pm -  3:20pm  TR  LI033 
1316/6952 Lab       Adrian     4:00pm -  5:15pm  TR  LH025 
1317/6954 Lab       Zhen       4:00pm -  5:15pm  WF  SB221 
1318/6953 Lab       Raj       11:15am - 12:30pm  WF  LI503 
Weekly assignments and possibly written (take-home) quizzes.
Two practical exams, a midterm and a final exam.
Communication and feedback
A web course home page, an e-mail distribution list, regular (individual) e-mail, office hours and individual appointments are available.
Will be posted over the web.
Office Hours
By appointment or as listed.

Why should you take A114?
Databases are one of the most important tools used in the industry, yet they are one of the most hard-to-use software applications. This course will provide the necessary knowledge for unlocking the mystery of database systems and making them more accessible. You will be able to design databases involving multiple tables, set up relationships and construct queries on these databases. A114 will provide the background on these methods and allow you to solve problems that potentially involves database design.

Who should take A114?
Anyone who is presently dealing with or intends to deal with data in a structured form that need to be organized, stored and retrieved according to special criteria, should consider the use of databases. In A114, we introduce databases using a problem-solving approach so that concepts learned here can be used with any database system. Even if you may never be directly involved in designing a database application, your daily computing may already be affected by database use, such as banking systems, reservation systems, libraries and so on. Knowing about the design of database will give you the ability to intelligently use these systems as well.

CS Offered by the Computer Science Department at Indiana University Bloomington IU

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