Fall Semester 2002

Tue Sep 2 2003
Fall 2003 semester starts.

Website to be updated tomorrow.

Syllabus distributed in class yesterday here.

Tue Dec 17
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 18:50:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Adrian German <dgerman@cs.indiana.edu>
To: A114/I111 Fall 2002 Distribution List <dgerman@indiana.edu>
Subject: A114 Final Update: Grades and Evals 

Dear A114 Friends,

Final grades have been calculated about a week ago and I would like to
ask that you please verify them one more time before we send them over
to the Office of the Registrar. If there's anything we need to fix I'd
appreciate being notified as soon as possible.

There will be one more way to collect an extra point, which is by
turning in an evaluation for this course with the CSCI Department.
The CSCI Dept. is collecting course and instructor evaluations for
all classes and A114 (and by extension I111) is one of them. Included
are instructions on how you can submit your evaluation for A114/I111.
You must submit your evaluation before Wed Dec 18 (tomorrow) at noon
so I can include the bonus point. It doesn't matter what you write in
your evaluation: as long as you turn it in you get one extra point at
your final grade.) I will receive a summary of usernames for those that
have submitted an evaluation on Dec 18 at 4pm so I can use the list to
add a bonus point. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here
are the instructions, as promised:

  1. Go to the following website:  http://www.indiana.edu/~best/

  2. Under "QuizSite", choose STUDENTS

  3. From the drop-down box, choose/instructor to be evaluated
                           (example: CSCI-A114-dgerman)

  4. Click PROCEED

  5. Check "DO A CURRENT ACTIVITY" (Should say "Evaluation")

  6. Click PROCEED
     Evaluation for requested instructor should be displayed

  7. Answer Questions

  8. To submit completed evaluation, click PROCEED at bottom of page
     Then wait.

     If student has multiple CS courses or course instructors, they will
     be enabled at that time to click SELECT ANOTHER COURSE button

     Please Note - Students are allowed a max 3 attempts to complete each
     evaluation.  (They will be enabled to open each individual evaluation
     3 times, whether or not they make any additions or changes.)

Please help the department (and us) improve this class by describing
what you liked and what you didn't like in the class. We thank you for
your participation and for your interest in A114 and I111. Should you
have any questions whatsoever please let us know.

Adrian German, for CSCI A114/I111 Fall 2002

Thu Dec 12
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 02:23:51 -0500 (EST)
From: Adrian German <dgerman@cs.indiana.edu>
To: A114/I111 Fall2002 Distribution List <dgerman@indiana.edu>
Subject: A114/I111 Letter Grades

Dear A114/I111 Friends,

I have posted final grades and letter grades for A114/I111 in
Post'em just now. Please check your grades and let me know if
you have any questions. Do let me know if you see any error(s),
or if you have any concerns.

Grades will become final next week so I hope you can check
them and verify them before then, to eliminate any unpleasant
surprizes. Along with Fulya, Mieko, Andy and Michael we very
much appreciated your interest for this class and thank you
for your effort and have greatly enjoyed working with you.

Hope your finals week will be sensational and your winter
break absolutely wonderful with the new year 2003 full of most
exciting accomplishments for everybody.

... Adrian

Sun Nov 17
Project grades uploaded. We're almost done with everything.

Not many grades remain to be posted.

Please contact me if you think that something is missing.

Thu Nov 7
Grades updated, projects grades to be uploaded next.

Sat-Mon Oct 26-28
Grades for the final exam have been posted on Friday night.

The rest of the grades to follow.

Fri Oct 25
Here's the makeup practical.

Here's the final with answers.

Thu Oct 24
Final Exam today in class is closed book, composed of questions taken from the study guides

Wed Oct 23
Lab Notes for today provide additional help with Homework Five.

Tue Oct 22
Lecture Notes Fourteen posted, summarize what was discussed in class today.

Sun-Mon Oct 20-21
Grades updated.

Sat Oct 19
Assume that a relationship (Books, Patrons) is one-to-many. Suppose that we try summarize this by saying: "Many patrons can borrow one book." Does this sentence convey the whole truth? (How about one patron? How many books can a single patron borrow? Ignore for a moment that that might be a bit unrealistic. If it is, can you come up with a more realistic example, such as Spas and Tourists, etc.)

Fri Oct 18
Notes for the Final Exam (started) indicate the exam is over chapters

Thu Oct 17
Lecture Notes Thirteen posted, review Chapter 6 and Appendix A.

You may find them helpful with respect to Homework Six and the Project.

Wed Oct 16
Slides for Chapter Six (the last one, before Appendix A) posted.

Don't forget about the Group Project, which is a continuation of Homework Six.

Tue Oct 15
Please check out this updated listing of due dates for the final week:

  1. Homework Four is now due Tue Oct 22, in class.
  2. Homework Five is due Wed Oct 23, in class.
  3. Homework Six is due Thu Oct 24, at the Final Exam.

Mon Oct 14
Study Guides for Chapter Six posted:

  1. Study Guide One
  2. Study Guide Two
  3. Study Guide Three

Sat-Sun Oct 12-13
Lab Notes Eleven, containing help with Homework Four, to be posted. (Actually the help will be contained in Lecture Notes 11-12 and the assignment deadline is extended.)

Fri Oct 11
Final Exam is closed book, with questions taken from posted Study Guides.

Thu Oct 10
Midterm grades finally posted, I am still working on the Practical grades.

Wed Oct 9
Homework Five and Six discussed in class, to be posted.

Tue Oct 8
Today we gave an overview of Chapter 5 and stopped at first normal form.

Also, here's a message from the A114/I111 e-mail distribution list:

Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 16:07:57 -0500 (EST)
From: Adrian German <dgerman@cs.indiana.edu>
To: Undisclosed recipients:  ;
Subject: A114/I111 Update (Week 6) 

A reminder for the announcements of today

a) grades for the Midterm and Practical Exams
   will be posted tomorrow.

b) there will be a make-up for the Practical Exam
   in the last lab. I am not entirely sure it is
   necessary but it's there in case anyone needs it.

c) the reading assignment for Thu is Chapter 5 in
   the textbook. Please bring your book with you to
   class on Thu.

d) homework assignment four has been posted. One can
   get help on the assignment in lab, during office
   hours, working in groups with other students, and
   we will also discuss the assignment Thu or (more
   likely) next Tue.

e) homework assignments five and six will be posted
   tomorrow morning. After Chapter 6 (out of which we
   we will have Homework Five) we do Appendix A (that
   really becomes Homework Six) and we're finished.

If you need any help or have any questions please let
us know.

... Adrian

Mon Oct 7
Homework Four posted, Office Hours changed.

Effective today I am available

MTWR 1pm-2pm LH201D (my office)

Sat-Sun Oct 5-6
Lecture Notes Ten have been posted, please take a look.

Fri Oct 4
Practical exam in labs today.

Thu Oct 3
Today in class we will

Wed Oct 2
Today in lab:
  1. make sure your sample practical fits on a floppy
  2. turn in your revised midterm answers
Solutions to the midterm exam will be posted tomorrow morning.

Tue Oct 1
Midterm exam today in class (2:30-3:20pm).

Mon Sep 30
Thanks to Andrea Kleist for noticing the link to Study Guide #8 was broken below.

The link has been fixed now (and it was already properly working in the Midterm page).

Don't forget there's a review session tonight

Monday Sep 30, in TH A201, from 7-8:30pm.
I plan to make a real review out of it, so come prepared to ask questions.

Solutions to Homework Three are being posted here.

Sat-Sun Sep 28-29
There will be a review session on Monday Sep 30, in TH A201, from 7-8:30pm.

Also, here's Study Guides No.

There are eight study guides in all, for the first three chapters.

Fri Sep 27
Also, here's the end of our discussion from yesterday's class, on query 10 from the first homework assignment (written now in SQL).

New Study Guides

have been added to the Midterm Page in Class Notes.

Thu Sep 26
Here's a 44 questions Study Guide to help you prepare for the exam.

A few more such study guides (here's a second one, in advance) will be posted tomorrow.

Wed Sep 25
Today in lab you could be asked to implement the problem that I showed yesterday in class: three coaches, their pictures here, are to be assigned to a bunch of teams. There's only one coach per team but a coach can be assigned to any number of teams. Create the database (that resembles Alisa Vending Services, or Bavant) and a form for the coaches which shows the picture of the coach and the teams he's coaching.

Also, in preparation for the exam next week please review Homework One and Two (that is, practice by writing queries in SQL and Relational Algebra).

Tue Sep 24
Today's lecture will be a combination of lab and lecture notes.

Also, needed for the project due Wednesday are

the three home pages of the drivers in Alisa Vending Services.

Mon Sep 23
Lab notes for the next two weeks posted, outline.

Sat-Sun Sep 21-22
Lecture notes for next week, and the week after, posted. Chapter 5 slides also posted. Lab notes for last week, next week, to be posted by tomorrow, will summarize the goals of the projects in the lab manual, and will also offer some help with the homework assignment(s).

Fri Sep 20
Minute papers count updated in Postem.

Thu Sep 19
Sample practical exam, from last year.

Important announcements for today:

  1. You can turn in a revised version of Homework Two tomorrow in lab, and it will be accepted with no penalty, for full credit. There are two problems in the assignment, one asks for queries expressed in Relational Algebra, the other one has 21 queries, you need to develop them in QBE, and turn in the SQL, on paper. Effective extended due date for Homework Two now becomes Friday Sept. 20, 2002, in lab.

  2. Homework Three has been posted, is due next Friday, Sept 27.

  3. Project Four in your lab manual is due tomorrow, in lab.

  4. Project Five in your lab manual is due next Wednesday, in lab.

Please review Chapter 1 and thoroughly understand and learn Chapters 2, 3 in your textbook (Pratt and Adamski) in preparation for the midterm exam. At the same time slides for Chapter 4 have been posted today. They're the last of the topics covered on the midterm exam. (The practical exam will be based on Projects 1-6 in your lab manual, by comparison). Some of the things covered in Chapter 4 (as well as most of those covered in Chapter 1) are very useful for the midterm. All of the material in Chapters 2, 3 (without exception) is relevant to the midterm, so please start your review now.

Wed Sep 18
Grades posted, for Labs 1-3 and Homework One.

Tue Sep 17
Today's lecture will offer help with the first problem of Homework Two.

Mon Sep 16
We're working to update the gradebook by the end of the day tomorrow.

Sat-Sun Sep 14-15
I am in Columbus, OH, for the weekend, returning Sunday night.

Fri Sep 13
Postem initialized, section is A114-1289 (includes I111 students).

Minute papers will be posted soon.

Thu Sep 12
New homework, slides for new chapter, remaining lecture and lab notes for the week posted.

Wed Sep 11
(8:58am) IU Bookstore reports new copies of A114 lab manuals in stock.

Tue Sep 10
QuizSite now contains (in dgerman-A114) two sample quizzes, for Chapters 1 and 2.

Also, here's where you can download the Premiere Products database.

Schedule of Office Hours is now almost complete:

Adrian dgerman@indiana.edu TR LH201D 10am-noon
Fulya ferdinc@indiana.edu R LH201 suite 4pm-5pm
F LH201 suite 12:30-1:30pm
Mieko mfuruhas@indiana.edu T LH016 10am-11am
W LH016 9am-10am
Michael mrock@indiana.edu T LH016 9-10am
R LH016 11am-noon

Mon Sep 9
Lecture and lab notes for Tuesday and Wednesday sketched.

Sun Sep 8
QuizSite exercises will be posted on Tuesday.

Lab Assignment One grades will be posted on Tuesday.

Sat Sep 7
Here's the final schedule of labs:

Wed11:15-12:30Fulya, Michael
Fri11:15-12:30Fulya, Mieko

Fri Sep 6
Here's a copy of A114's entry in INSITE.

Thu Sep 5
Slides from the Chapter One and Two of the Pratt and Adamski textbook posted.

Lab Notes Two (containing Lab Assignment Two) posted.

Homework One, due next week, posted.

Wed Sep 4
Lab notes for today posted.

Please take a look at all that's been posted, more will be posted tonight.

Tue Sep 3
First lecture in TH A201, 2:30-3:20pm today.

Mon Sep 2
Fall Semester 2002 starts today.

Updated by Adrian German for A114/I111