Fall Semester 2002

Lecture NotesTwelve: Help with Homework Four (II)

Problem One (Henry Books Case, page 167)

See page 158.

Possible (extremely similar) situation:

Each record contains:

Is this what we are looking for or not?

If not, what do we do?

If yes, why?

Then what?

Here's another possible situation.

Each record contains:

Is this example and in each case why?

Are there any assumptions?

Are there any other better examples?

Anyway, once we fix it (if we have to) what do we do?

Problem Two (Henry Books Case, page 167)

Do you find this scheme related, or useful?

Course (CourseNum, (...), (..., InstructorName))

That's the hint for this problem for now.

Problem Three (same case study, same page)

Note that if you apply the method on page 164 you might not.

(Come to think of it, you might not what?)

But if you apply the method on pages 145-146 you do.

So this problem is really easy.

Let us know if we can be of more help.

There will be some help posted with Homework Five, probably as

We'll see.

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