Fall Semester 2002

This is your Practical Exam Make-Up. Relax, and do well. The exam is open book.
Consider six tennis players: And the following three Grand Slam Tournaments: The prizes (amounts of dollars, in thousands of US$) the players won in these tournaments are listed below:
Wimbledon (UK) Rolland Garros (France) US Open (US)
Player One 80 30 60
Player Two 70 - 80
Player Three - - -
Player Four 90 - 20
Player Five - 50 40
Player Six 60 70 -

A dash (-) in the table above means no money (NULL).

Please accomplish the following tasks:

Part One (40 points)

Part Two (30 points)

Create the following queries:

Part Three (10 points)

Create a form entitled Players by Tournaments which contains

Part Four (10 points)

Create a report in which you list the players. For each player

Challenge (10 points)

Please make sure your database fits on a floppy disk.


An A114/I111 Practical Exam Make-Up, October 25, 2002